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Acne BLU-U®

La Jolla, California

Acne BLU-U Treatment

A safe, effective alternative to medications or antibiotics for treating acne.

With Acne BLU-U 4170 . . .

Self-esteem is renewed as both teen and adult acne can be controlled or cleared up for a long time. Our special BLU-U light combined with a light-activated solution target and destroy acne activity, reduce skin oiliness and minimize the appearance of pore size. The skin smoothes and its texture improves markedly, even older acne scars diminish.

Why choose Acne BLU-U?

Blu U (blue light) acne treatment does not depend on medication or antibiotics and offers effective, noninvasive and pain-free treatment. It’s called BLU-U 4170 Blue Light Therapy. The advantages of BLU-U are many. The key benefits are rapid treatment of acne lesions without scarring, surgery or systemic drug side effects. The skin appears refreshed and younger. The FDA approved BLU-U in 2003. If you have tried creams, washes and medications from mild to strong and not seen the results you would like, now is the time to consider this new answer to acne control. The very special blue light kills the acne bacteria in your skin. It’s safe. It’s not hot or painful. The treatments are simple. After we cleanse your face and protect your eyes, you simply sit with your face close to the light for a short time. Appointments are scheduled over a 4 to 5 week period.

How is a BLU-U Light treatment done?

blu-u-1At your appointment we will cleanse your skin and protect your eyes with special glasses. You then sit in front of a light for a short time. Optimal results will be achieved if you follow the recommended twice a week schedule of blue light treatments. After several weeks, you will see improvement. If your acne does not appear to be responding to the blue light treatments, Dr. Mani or the medical staff may recommend BLU-U Blue Light PhotoDynamic Therapy. This treatment requires the application of a topical medication to the skin by the medical staff. After a short incubation time you will be placed in front of the blue light to activate the medication. You will be instructed to avoid the sun completely for the first 48 hours to prevent reactivation of the medication. It is recommended that you return for a series of treatments. The staff will assess your acne and develop a customized treatment plan for you.

A more recent treatment for acne is the Izolaz acne laser. Isolaz vacuums the pores, removing clogged oils and bacteria-breeding debris. At the same time, a broad band light is used to kill the p. acnes bacteria. Learn more about the new Isolaz acne laser.

San Diego Acne - Before and After La Jolla Acne Treatment - Before and After

Our BLU-U 4170 Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy destroys the acne bacteria. This treatment option does not depend on medication. The video below follows a teen with acne who had Photodynamic Therapy for resistant acne.

La Jolla Acne Laser Treatment

Effective Treatment

Two BLU-U 4170 treatments weekly for 5 weeks without medication

San Diego Acne Treatment


What is acne?

Acne is a disease of the skin in which the sebaceous glands become blocked resulting in an accumulation of sebum and debris. The p. acne bacterium grows inside, resulting in swelling and the formation of pimples. There are many types of acne with the most common being acne vulgaris. Eight-five percent of adolescents will develop acne. At certain times the acne becomes very active, troublesome and difficult to control. There are many treatments to control moderate acne, most consist of cleansers, creams, and medications. Sometimes physicians prescribe an antibiotic if your acne is moderate and difficult to control with topical medications. The BLU-U treatment is a viable alternative to medications or antibiotics.

If you’d like additional information and would like one of our medical information specialists to call you, our online request system allows you to contact our office even during non-office hours. We’ll then make every attempt to place a call at a time convenient to you.

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