22nd Feb, 2018

Restore Your Look Through Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in La Jolla

Hair loss can be embarrassing and confusing. You can lose hair yet not be able to explain the loss. Try as we might, hair loss or thinning is often genetic, and you cannot avoid the eventual hair loss that comes with age. Thanks to modern technology, we aren’t relegated to hiding under wigs or toupees.

Modern science has allowed doctors to help patients recover and heal from age and injuries at a faster rate than before. Conditions such as hair loss had been previously irreversible due to the fact that aging was irreversible. With the advent of stem cell research, hair loss could be reversed with the use of stem cell therapy. Dr. Nasrin Mani is now offering stem cell treatment for hair loss in La Jolla at her comfortable office.

How does it work?

Stems cells are undifferentiated cells in the body that hold the capability to become any kind of cell. Unlike mature cells, which have a designated job and role for the rest of its life, stem cells are undifferentiated and can adapt to any role. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types. The stem cells that are used at La Jolla Laser come from the umbilical cords of live birthed babies. These cells have not yet received instruction on what kind of cell they should become. Thus, these cells can be molded to be any kind of cell including supportive hair cells.

The principle behind hair loss regeneration is that the new younger stem cells will trigger older cells to heal and reproduce at the same rate they once did when they were younger. The very potent concentration of younger stem cells will trigger the older stem cells to repair and reproduce faster. This leads to faster hair growth. After a few sessions of stem cell therapy, bald spots and thinning hair will be replaced by strong thick healthy hair. Stem cell therapy is an excellent option for people suffering from hair loss because it uses the patient’s own cells, which means cell rejection is not of concern.

What should I expect during the stem cell therapy procedure?

Dr. Mani takes a blood sample for the PRP procedure (Platelet Rich Plasma) that blood sample is spun in a centrifuge and the platelets rich plasma is separated from the blood. This is injected back in with the addition of stem cells which are sourced from umbilical cords of live birth babies not the patient. Once the sample is removed, she will place the sample in a centrifuge that will make the stems cells sink to the bottom. This extra strong concentration of stem cells is removed and prepared in another syringe.

Dr. Mani will add the concentrated sample of platelet rich plasma and stem cells into the areas of baldness. She may use several injections so that all areas receive a full dose of stem cells. At this point in the process cool air is applied to the scalp to make process more comfortable. The new stem cells will stimulate the older cells around the hair follicles to produce healthier cells and promote richer hair growth. The treatment may need to be repeated several times if the hair loss is severe.

Treating hair loss doesn’t have to be about covering your head with fake hairpieces. Call our office at (858) 999-3700 to contact us online to book an appointment.

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