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“Grow old gracefully? Not a chance. I’d rather put up a natural-looking fight! Thanks to Dr. Mani and her dynamic team, I’m winning on all counts. What can I say? Look at my results. Pictures do say a thousand words. The compliments never seem to end​, and I love sharing my secrets. You know I think you are all awesome!”

-Melissa Costa

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to seek the help of the doctors and staff at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic. They have helped me care for my sun-damaged skin, address the creases and lines of age, and have provided advice about products that maintain the changes. I love the caring, friendly atmosphere and the fact that the staff members continually pursue new techniques that are proven to deliver results. In fact, I am often asked what kind of makeup I use. I explain that makeup is helpful with the illusion of good skin, but good skin health is the main thing I strive for. Wow! My before and after pictures were a revelation and impressed me. And I see my face every day. Nice work… friends at LCLC!”

-Sherry Simpson

“I was so delighted to find Dr. Mani and her wonderful La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic that offers non-invasive cosmetic procedures that actually work! For a long time I wanted to have cosmetic treatment to reduce wrinkles and creases in my face and neck. However, I was afraid to have surgery on my face. As a Periodontist, I wanted to look my best, especially when I am invited to give a public presentation. Within a week of treatment, I began to look more youthful. The Thermage on my face and neck, Dysport on my forehead, and Juvederm in my lips and the corners of my mouth have made such a wonderful difference. I really had not thought about dating anyone. Much to my amazement, one month after treatment I was asked out by a 28 year old who is working on his PhD and, two weeks later, a 39 year old attorney. Yes, they are both considerably younger than my sons. Even my daughter-in-law and grown grandchildren commented on how beautiful my skin looks. I will never again be afraid to pursue cosmetic treatments because Dr. Nasrin Mani, Mashid Mani R.N., and her entire staff are so professional and talented. Get ready, Dr. Mani, I am coming in to have the rest of my body rejuvenated!”


“Dr. Mani has been doing my treatments for years and has a great eye. I trust her completely, so when she suggested a new type of treatment I consented.   I had always been afraid to do fillers because I was very concerned about looking artificial (or chipmunk-like).  I am thrilled with the results which are subtle and very natural looking.  I highly recommend Dr. Mani and her wonderful staff!”


“As a new patient of Dr. Mani’s, I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the procedure that she has performed on me!  As the owner of a Health Care Staffing Agency, I had a slightly different perspective than your average patient.  Prior to meeting Dr. Mani, I was quite impressed with every member of her staff; as they were all very professional and knowledgeable!  I have been a Health Care Recruiter for many years and this experience has allowed me to interact with thousands of medical professionals. Within minutes of arriving at the La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, I was very confident that I was in great hands!  I’m pleased to say that Dr. Mani met, and even exceeded my expectations!  Dr. Mani is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and it is evident that she and her staff are focused on providing the absolute highest level of quality patient care!   I would highly recommend Dr. Mani to anyone considering the cosmetic procedures offered at the clinic!”

-I.R. President Health Care Staffing Agency

“I visited Dr. Mani and the La Jolla Laser Clinic to try to reverse years of sun damage, the unfortunate side-effect of growing up a fair-skinned blonde in Southern California. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Mani and her staff of professionals are informed and trained in the latest cosmetic dermatologic techniques, and I trusted their recommendations and treatments completely. Not only are they experts in their field, they treated me with caring concern, answered all my questions and made sure my experience with them was positive. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Nasrin Mani and the La Jolla Laser Clinic to anyone who would like to look as young as they feel!”

-Kim Perkins

“After turning 50 I decided it was time to start doning something about the tell tale signs of aging. I had the Deep FX laser treatment and have had great results. Since the treatment I have noticed tighter skin, the reduction of fine lines and a brighter, smoother complexion. I also recieved botox because my eyelids were getting a little droopy and I felt like I looked tired most of the time. The results where great.”

-Karen James