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ultherapy-image-galleryWhat can make you look older – even when you’re not? The list is long, but one thing that is a sure “age giveaway” is a slack jawline and sagging neck. Ultherapy Lift to the rescue…the ONLY FDA approved nonsurgical procedure for actually lifting skin of the brow, chin and neck. 

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This revolutionary procedure, seen on “20/20″, “Doctor Oz”, “The View”, “The Doctors” and raged about in magazines across the country, has literally leap-frogged over other technologies in the way we treat aging appearance.

Ultherapy is now FDA  approved for the décolleté. View results. ultherachestlink

We’re an Ultherapy Ultra Premiere Plus practice!

We’re so proud! La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic has been designated as one of the very few Ultherapy Ultra Premiere Plus practices in the nation.

Ultra Premiere Plus designees claim the highest number of treatments with the highest levels of significant outcomes.

Ultherapy – Deep ultrasound energy lifts and firms at levels treated in cosmetic surgery.
We have the new Amplify upgrade. More comfort and even better results!

  • Look Younger, More Contoured & Thinner*
  • Have Tighter, Firmer, Better-fitting Skin on Neck and Jawline
  • Get an Uplift without the facelift surgery – Completely Noninvasive
  • No Downtime – No Recovery – Takes about 1 Hour
  • Treat Brow and Eye and/or Lower Face and Neck
  • New Specialty Body treatments to address the Decolletage, Upper Arms, Thighs and Buttocks
  • Treat Hyperhidrosis with Ultherapy’s ultrasound focal points which disable sweat glands

*Patients who have had Ultherapy for the lower face and neck nearly always report that friends and family say they look like they’ve lost weight.

What is Ultherapy Lift?

ultherapy-video-la-jollaUltherapy is a new category of treatment for making you look younger, tighter and more lifted without surgery or downtime. Based on ultrasound – energy waves that allow us to see inside the body, Ultherapy uses high energy focused ultrasound beams to specifically modify skin tissue at depths that is 3 times deeper than any other nonsurgical procedure.

The Ultherapy system allows us to see beneath the skin exactly where we are treating, so there is no guesswork of what tissue level we are actually treating. At all times your treatment nurse or doctor can view skin structures to be sure you are treated precisely, safely and at maximum impact levels.

We have 4 medical professional Certified Ultherapy staff providers

Jasmine McLeod, M.D. | Mashid Mani, RN | Shana Vali, PA-C | Tammy Harrington, RN

Certified Ultherapy Staff at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic


How does Ultherapy “lift”?

The ultrasound energy reaches all the way to the SMAS, the same levels as those affected in surgical face lifting. At this level Ultherapy places thousands of tiny energy deposits at in the skin – both at 4.5mm and then at 3.0 mm. These energy deposits create what is called TCPs – or thermal coagulation points. These TCPs cause a two-fold reaction. One is immediate tightening and the 2nd is the start of a gradual, long term collagen production process that lifts and tightens both the deep SMAS layer and the dermal layer. The final results? Tighter, more lifted jawline and neck, more uplifted cheek area and what amounts to a gentle brow lift.

Ultherapy FAQs

How long does an Ultherapy treatment last?

A full face and neck treatment takes about an hour.  When taking pain medication, expect to do this about an hour before treatment begins.

Does it really work?

We can make claims all day long, but the people who really are the judges are those who have had the procedure.  Take a look at patient comments on RealSelf.

What Ultherapy is not

Ultherapy is not a facelift and you should not expect the same level of results that you’d get from surgery. Not everyone is a good Ultherapy Lift candidate. We will provide an assessment to determine if Ultherapy would be a good choice for you.

Who is a good Ultherapy candidate and who is not?

Ultherapy is ideal for someone who is seeing signs of aging in the jowl and neck and/or brow area and want a lift effect, but aren’t interested in surgery. The average age of most Ultherapy candidates lies between 40′s to 60′s, but there is no minimum or maximum age on either end of the age spectrum. If you are only concerned with wrinkles or sun damage and pigmentation, then Ultherapy is not appropriate. Also, those patients who have excessive laxity and heavy wrinkles may be better candidates for surgical lifting.

Will I see results right away?

Most patients feel tighter before they see results. Since nature can’t be hurried, the most complete results are seen about 6 months later, though most Ultherapy patients see results at the 3 month mark. A fewer number of patients notice some small amount of lift right away, but we tell all patients that 3 months is the normal “am I looking more lifted?” point. We’ll take photos at 3 months and again at 6 months.

What does Ultherapy feel like?

Ultherapy is not a pain-free process. We like to say, “Yes, it hurts (a little)…but it WORKS!” Managing pain levels is accomplished with oral medications and if desired, local lidocaine pain blocks. Our patients find the lidocaine blocks especially effective.

One patient had this to say,

“I’ve experienced many things that hurt a lot worse, but it’s not a cakewalk. You can feel the tiny pinpoints of heat deep down – But you can also feel the tightening going on at the same time. Knowing that the tiny pain-dots were actually doing their job helped make it more tolerable.” Note: This patient did not opt for the lidocaine pain blocks, but took only Tylenol.

Can I have an Ultherapy Lift treatment more than once?

Yes, you can.  Some patients get so excited about the first results they want even more.  We don’t recommend a 2nd procedure any earlier than 3 months – and 6 months is the ideal time to make a decision. That is when your best results will be in force and you may conclude a 2nd treatment is not called for.

What should I expect after my Ultherapy treatment?

Immediately after you will have some redness which goes away within an hour or two. Some mild swelling (seldom obvious) may occur. There is the possibility of some bruising, and more so if you opt for a stronger treatment. Minor sensory numbness in some areas for a short time has been reported, but this will self-resolve in a few days to a couple of weeks. Patients who tend to bruise can take arnica tablets before and after treatment to minimize that possibility.

Can I have Ultherapy and fillers too?

We recommend that you have Ultherapy first and fillers afterward when possible. If you’ve had easily degradable fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, there is a fair chance having Ultherapy soon after may cause those fillers to degrade more quickly. With Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, we recommend the same sequence. Be sure to tell our medical consulting staff if you have had fillers elsewhere or other injectables and the approximate dates so your treatment can be schedule appropriately.

Will Ultherapy restore lost volume?

Ultherapy Lift is for lifting and tightening and will not take the place of volume restoration procedures. You will get new collagen production, but not in the same way as you would with a collagen stimulator like Sculptra or Artefill. Ultherapy and Sculptra is an ideal combination with what has been deemed a synergistic effect. We think this is likely because the skin is in an activated state, so collagen stimulators injected after the treatment can more easily produce new collagen and potentially more abundant collagen.


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