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Facial Lipoatrophy

La Jolla, California

facial-lipoatrophyLipoatrophy – The definition for lipoatrophy is simply localized loss of fat tissue. We all depend on the natural fat beneath the skin to keep our features from appearing too gaunt or angular. Facial Lipoatrophy in the cosmetic sense means you’ve lost facial volume that you used to have (loss resulting from any number of everyday reasons);  or you  experience inadequate volume due to genetic makeup. The volume loss or absence is seen in the temples, cheeks and lower face. No matter what the underlying cause, this absence of fat undesirably sharpens contours, creates hollows and can cause a generalized appearance of fatigue or poor health. If you feel good, you certainly don’t want to look like you don’t. This is where the power of the newer dermal fillers really shines.

What are the Causes of Facial Lipoatrophy?

Aging – Fat loss is a natural occurrence and for the majority of the population, this volume loss will become evident over the years.  Age is the most common reason for facial fat loss.

Genetic Factors – Fat percentages can be part of your genetic makeup. Although this type of fat deficiency is not actual lipoatrophy, it is treated the same way.

Lifestyle – Busy moms or dads, high-energy types, swimmers, hikers, runners…lifestyle can take a toll, causing you to lose the softening effects facial fat provides.

Trauma – Accidents which result in scarring can create indentations and hollows / Acute acne can destroy support tissue under the skin surface.

Weight Loss – Intentional or a result of Intense Body Conditioning.

Nutritional Restrictions – Strict dietary regimens can cause a level of fat loss that shows up in the face.

Stress – A highly stressed lifestyle can influence how the body balances fat ratios.

Chronic or Acute Illness / Conditions

A. Lupus Panniculitis

B. Viral infection resulting in fat destruction

C. Rheumatoid arthritis

D. Thyroid dysfunction

E. Immune system disorders





Human growth hormone

Vaccines for measles, chicken pocks and whooping cough

Antiviral Drugs


Immunodeficiency Therapy – Lipoatrophy occurs in immune-associated lipodystrophy, one cause of which is an adverse drug reaction that is associated with some antiretroviral drugs.

Accepted and Proven Cosmetic Treatments for Cosmetic Facial Lipoatrophy

*Facial Lipoatrophy Treatments offered at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic1.

*Artefill filler with Collagen and Permanent Component2. Autologous Fat Transfer

*Hyaluronic Gels Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero

*Radiesse long term filler

*Sculptra Collagen stimulator6. Surgical Implants

Treatments that have shown potential for negative outcomes (none of the following are FDA approved in the U.S. for cosmetic use of any kind)1. Bio Alcamid2. Silicone Oil3. Aquamid (polyacrylamide hydrogel)

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