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Lipoatrophy Immune

La Jolla, California

Immune-related Lipoatrophy occurs in immune-associated lipodystrophy, one cause of which is an adverse drug reaction that is associated with some antiretroviral drugsThe stigma caused by facial fat loss can be devastating to patients who are actually maintaining good overall health, but who don’t “appear” healthy because of facial changes. Cosmetic fillers and collagen stimulators offer a range of gradual correction, instant correction and long term volume replacement. You CAN “get your face back”.

Accepted and Proven Cosmetic Treatments for Immune-related Facial Lipoatrophy

*Treatments offered at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic

1 .*Artefill long term filler with permanent component. For the past several years we have been having unparalleled success with Artefill and have been able to achieve the same area volumization that was previously only possible through collagen stimulation. Our Artefill patients, and particularly those with immune-deficiency related facial lipoatrophy, have been ecstatic to have a long-lasting, safe and immediate solution to this problem. Artefill will provide the longest lasting correction as the permanent components continue to activate collagen building for 10 years or longer.

2.  Autologous Fat Transfer

3. *Hyaluronic Gels Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero – Hyaluronic gels are used in the cosmetic treatment of HIV related atrophy to augment the longer lasting filler and collagen stimulators.

4. *Radiesse – Radiesse is an instant dermal filler with a hearty viscosity that makes it ideal for moderate to severe facial fat loss. Radiesse can not be used in all areas, but can easily be used in combination with other filler products to help achieve a natural and healthy appearance.

5. *Sculptra Collagen Stimulator – Sculptra has been FDA approved for HIV lipoatrophy since 2006. Sculptra has global facial applications but is not instant filler like Radiesse or Artefill. Sculptra works by stimulating collagen production to replace lost fat.

6.  Surgical Implants (limited locale of placement) – Treatments that have shown potential for negative outcomes and are not recommended. We do not offer these injectables at our clinic.


Aretfill – Joseph A. Eviatar, M.D., FACS, Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery Associates, New York Medical College. Comment following study for Artefill for HIV

“Artefill proved to be effective in restoring volume to the face in these HIV lipoatrophy patients and we believe may offer a more long-term, cost effective treatment option for this patient population.”

Study Results: Patients received Artefill injections over a six-month period until full correction was achieved. Changes were evaluated from baseline using a 0 to 4 atrophic grading scale. The results showed that all patients had improvement and no adverse events were reported. In total, 54.5 percent of patients improved at least two grades based on this four point grading scale at their evaluation time point, which ranged from 2 to 25 months

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