15th Apr, 2019

Stem Cells Provide a Magic Ingredient for Hair Restoration

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss San Diego, CAThe slowing or cessation of hair growth with age is something we have come to see as a normal part of life. That doesn’t make it an easy process for any person whose hair is not what it used to be. Hair loss can make a person feel quite unhappy, self-conscious, even relatively depressed. These feelings can become distracting if there is no hope for resolution.

Up until recently, there haven’t been many viable solutions that have addressed hair loss. A person may have chosen to undergo hair transplant surgery, though results were largely unnatural until newer techniques were developed. And even then, the process could be arduous. Nonsurgical solutions such as Rogaine provided a bit of hope, but not as a permanent solution. As soon as treatment stops, hair growth once again slows down. Now there are even better options for treating hair loss.

In our La Jolla laser clinic, our interest in cutting-edge treatments is evidenced by our comprehensive menu of services. In addition to offering PRP therapy for hair loss, our facility now also offers the addition of stem cells into this treatment process. Here, we discuss what stem cells have to offer in the restoration of optimal hair growth.

How Hair Grows

Every human is born with all of the hair follicles they will have in their lifetime. There are millions, so the fact that we don’t grow new follicles is not an issue. It is at the root of the follicle where hair growth begins. From the root, hair grows upward, pushing the strand out of the follicle (this is why hair gets longer over time). In some areas of the body, hair growth stops at a certain length. On the head, this is usually not the case.

For hair growth to occur, the follicle needs several “ingredients:”

  •    Protein cells, which are responsible for creating hair.
  •    Blood supply into the follicle root. This brings nutrients and oxygen to support function.
  •    Growth factors, which act as chemical stimulants to the hair growth process.

If any ingredient is missing, hair growth gets disrupted.

How Stem Cells Help Hair Growth

Stem cells are somewhat like master cells; they are capable of numerous divisions, meaning they can make new cells where the body has stopped producing them organically. Stem cells can support the regeneration of blood cells, cardiac cells, nerve cells, and countless others. Using stem cells to stimulate inactive hair follicles is a logical choice, seeing the regenerative capacity they have. Scientific studies have demonstrated the efficiency with which stem cells produce growth factors that nourish hair follicles back to health.

We only obtain stem cells that are processed according to the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). To learn more, contact us at 866.676.3242.

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