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What Is Labiaplasty And Why Do Women Choose This Procedure?

labiaplasty la jolla caLabiaplasty is a surgical procedure which reduces long, uneven or thick labia minora.

Labia reduction surgery is not the same as vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening. This surgery is performed to alleviate discomfort and or embarrassment, it does not reduce or shrink the size of the vaginal canal.

Women with long or thick labia experience irritation during physical activity. Friction during jogging, cycling, yoga and even intercourse may case labia pain and discomfort. Labia surgery will improve these issues.

Other women are simply embarrassed by their large labia and do not feel comfortable wearing tight-fitting clothes and swimsuits. By reducing the size of the labia minora the vulvar region will no longer seem noticeable with tight-fitting clothes.

Is Labiaplasty Painful And What Is Recovery Like?

Labiaplasty is generally performed under local anesthesia and lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Depending on the complexity of your surgery and suture type and style recovery may take between 4 to 8 weeks. Carefully following your post-op instructions is vital to a speedy recovery. You will receive a detailed recovery instruction sheet and if followed you will not experience any complications. As with any surgery, infection and suture separation are the most common risks, however, if proper care is taken during the first couple of weeks, you will not experience any complications.

During the first week you should not lift anything heavy and limit most activities to light work. You may return to work as long as you are comfortable and your duties do not include lifting and or jogging. After the third week, depending on your level of comfort, you may gradually increase your activities, however, do not resume sexual activity until you have seen me.

Can Labiaplasty Be Performed With Other Surgeries?

Yes, many women opt for labiaplasty with vaginal rejuvenation and or other surgeries such as:

  • Perienoplasty
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction
  • Prolapse Surgery
  • Urinary Incontinence Surgery

Actual Labiaplasty Patient Before And After Surgery Photo

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Labiaplasty FAQs

How long will it take to see my final results?

The results of your labiaplasty are immediate, but you will have some swelling. In one or two weeks this should fully resolve and you’ll be able to see your final results.

Will labiaplasty affect my sexual satisfaction?

Labiaplasty will not decrease your sexual satisfaction, but it may improve it. If a patient has overly thick labia, this can actually cause discomfort during intercourse. Also, being self-conscious about how your genitalia appear can make you less relaxed and less comfortable with intimacy, which can affect your satisfaction. That will change with this procedure.

Will I have a scar after the procedure?

While any removal of excess tissue creates a scar at the incision location, Dr. Mohyi has extensive experience with labiaplasty and is able to effectively hide the scars in the natural folds of the labia.

How soon can I have sex after labiaplasty?

Sexual intercourse needs to wait for at least 4-6 weeks. This is important because engaging in sex too soon after this procedure risks tearing your incisions. During your recovery, Dr. Mohyi will check your progress and give you a better idea at that point.

What are the reasons a woman typically has this procedure?

Women have different reasons for wanting this procedure. For many women, they seek to eliminate pain or discomfort during sex, when riding a bike, or wearing yoga pants. In many cases, the patient didn’t realize that the cause of her discomfort was twisting and tugging of the labia. Aesthetically, if you feel self-conscious about your appearance during intimacy or when wearing tight clothes such as yoga pants or a swimsuit, this could be a good procedure for you that doesn’t include a difficult recovery.

How long does the procedure take?

Dr. Mohyi usually performs these procedures in between 30 and 60 minutes with the patient under local anesthesia.

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