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Skin Cancer Screening in San Diego, CA

Skin cancer screening is an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of having skin cancer complications in the future. With the help of dermatologist, Dr. Faryal Siddiqui, La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is proud to offer skin cancer screening and other cutting-edge dermatologic treatments to men and women in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California.

What is Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin cancer screening is typically done as part of your full body skin exam. This screening should be done at least once a year to ensure that the moles, birthmarks, and other lesions on your skin are not cancerous and do not pose any harm. If there are any changes in the size, shape, or color of your skin lesions, Dr. Siddiqui may recommend further intervention like a biopsy to ensure that your skin stays healthy and beautiful for the long term.

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What are the Benefits of Skin Cancer Screening?

There are many benefits of receiving a skin cancer screening in addition to your full body skin examination with the expert medical team at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, including:

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete
  • Tracks the appearance of moles, birthmarks, and other skin lesions
  • Preventative measures against melanoma

What Can I Expect During My Skin Cancer Screening?

Your skin cancer screening will be performed by Dr. Faryal Siddiqui and our team of medical professionals in our beautiful office. Before your screening begins, Dr. Siddiqui may ask that you remove your clothing and put on a medical gown to easier inspect your skin. During your exam, she will check over each portion of your body and make note of any moles, birthmarks, or growths that you may have. If you do have a growth that appears abnormal, Dr. Siddiqui may recommend a biopsy or removal of the lesion during your visit. Each annual full body skin exam typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete, at which time patients can return to their normal daily activities including work or school.

How Much Does Skin Cancer Screening Cost?

The cost of your skin cancer screening will vary depending on the extent of treatment needed to achieve your desired results. La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic accepts coverage from most insurance plans. To get a more accurate estimate of your treatment cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation.

Skin cancer screenings are vital to keeping your skin healthy for the long term. To learn more about melanoma screening for men and women in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California, contact us at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic today to schedule a consultation