Thermage was the first FDA-approved skin firming procedure that was purely no downtime. By heating skin tissue to a specific level, the loose collagen strands literally tighten up and new collagen forms over the long term of about 6 months. Both those responses lead to tighter skin.

One apt comparison is that Thermage acts like “shrink wrap” to pull your skin more firmly to the support structures beneath.


How Thermage Works

Thermage heat is delivered by the use of radio frequency (rf). This rf energy causes cells in the skin to collide with one another, inducing heat. The heat levels change the structure of older collagen and spurs elastin formation, which in turn produces new collagen. It’s this new collagen that thickens the skin and reduces the sag caused by age and gravity.

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic has been a training facility for Thermage for over 10 years and has repeatedly been a recipient of the company’s top level Pinnacle awards.

Eyes By Thermage

Eyes show age quickly with loose skin and hooding. Many people are fearful of eye surgery because the time for your eyes to “settle” into how they will look long term can take many months. And, if too much skin is removed, you’ll forever deal with a hollow look which can get even worse with natural fat loss.

Thermage is a simple alternative to tightening loose and crepey eyelid skin and reducing hooding. The procedure is also FDA approved specific to treating the delicate skin of the eye area.

“After years of getting up at 2AM to deliver 4 hours of live television everyday… I looked tired! I didn’t want surgery, but I was looking for a way to counter some of the effects of natural aging, long hours and stress. Dr. Nasrin Mani is my new best friend!”Marc Bailey, News Anchor for San Diego 6; Thermage and Thermage Eyes Patient

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