Laser Tattoo Removal with QxMAX

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That tattoo that seemed like such a great idea now is a constant reminder of a decision you wish you’d never made. With QX MAX, you can “undo” that decision.

The QX MAX offers four treatment wavelengths in a single system so that very bright many-colored tattoo you used to love and now hate can be removed far more efficiently and quickly than ever before. Call La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic at 858-454-2700 today to arrange your complimentary laser tattoo removal consultation.

Single Pulse for Maximized Efficiency

The QX MAX uses a high-energy, single-pulse technology that is far more efficient at removing pigments than multi-pulse lasers with equivalently high energies. QX MAX’s single-pulse Q-switched technology generates larger spot sizes that remain effective with deeper lying pigments.

QX MAX Treatment Diagram | La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic

How Does a Laser Get Rid of Tattoo Ink?

The laser is absorbed by color – this instantaneous reaction is an effective shattering of the pigment and destruction of the cells the pigment is contained in. The now micronized pigment can be removed by the body’s natural clean up system.

This depth capability is important to break up the dark tattoo pigment that will continue to show through even when upper level pigment is removed. The use of larger spot sizes also reduces the risk of unwanted side effects such as collateral tissue disruption, bleeding and changes to skin texture.

Unparalleled Efficiency for Shorter Treatment Time and Fewer Sessions

Tattoo removal is not painless and the goal is to be as efficient as possible in the shortest amount of time. QX MAX gives the technician the following options for laser selection in a single treatment session with one system.

Four Wavelengths for a Complete Pigment Range Treatment

Laser wavelength must be carefully considered when removing pigments, especially with multi-colored tattoos and vascular lesions. The laser wavelength is what determines which pigment color will be predominantly targeted by the laser to selectively remove it. To ensure safe and effective treatments, you’ll need an optimized selection of wavelengths to target a wide range of pigments.

  • 1064 nm Nd:YAG to treat and remove dark pigments
  • 532 nm KTP for lighter pigments, vascular lesions and red, tan, purple and orange tattoo inks
  • 650 nm dye for green tattoo inks
  • 585 nm dye for sky blue inks and vascular lesions

The specific selection of wavelengths provides the ability to treat a great number of pigmented and vascular lesions, as well as the most complex, multi-colored tattoos.

*QX MAX Laser Tattoo Removal - Before & After | San Diego CA

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