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Facial Lipoatrophy

The definition for lipoatrophy is simply localized loss of fat tissue. We all depend on the natural fat beneath the skin to keep our features from appearing too gaunt or angular. Facial lipoatrophy in the cosmetic sense means you’ve lost facial volume that you used to have (loss resulting from any number of everyday reasons), or you […]

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Artefill for Under Eye Hollows

Providing Cosmetic Rejuvenation to La Jolla, San Diego, & other nearby areas Under eye hollows are a pressing problem for many people who recognize how the appearance of being tired has a negative impact on relationships and their own self esteem. Using permanent filler for this purpose means a patient may only need to have 1 […]

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Get the Lift You Want from Ultherapy

The signs of aging are a given. For many people, plastic surgery has also been a given. There is no shame whatsoever in undergoing a facelift to turn back the hands of time. Millions of people have done so and hundreds of thousands say they absolutely will do so “when the time comes.” Alongside those […]

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Have You Heard of the O-Shot? It’s Oh, So Good!

Sexual wellness has always been an important topic. However, it is not one that has been well discussed throughout history. For many decades, a woman’s sense of pleasure was not even acknowledged. When it was, there were very few, if any, real solutions. We have come a long way in a very short period. Now, […]

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Move Swiftly Through That Fitness Plateau with CoolSculpting

Springtime is upon us, which means summer is not far off; and, really, who takes a break from their fitness goals living in a location such as ours? If you live in the beach area, you know that there are always opportunities to get out and be active, to wear shorts and tank tops and […]

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4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Skin for Spring

The dry air of winter can bring up several concerns. Not only does our skin feel parched and irritated, but it could also be suffering the effects of environmental damage beneath the surface. Dry skin looks rough and scaly. It may be more prone to showing lines and wrinkles. To offset these concerns, it is […]

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Why We’ll See You More Than Once

At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we see hundreds of patients a month and address a wide variety of cosmetic and medical concerns. When new clients consult with one of our experienced providers, they often ask questions about the number of treatments they may need to achieve their goals. When the goal is to manage […]

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Tips to Boost Skin Rejuvenation after Laser Resurfacing

Most of us realize our skin will change as we get older. This happens for several reasons, including genetics, sun exposure, and even repetitive facial movements. The natural decline of collagen and elastin also plays a prominent role in the development of lines and wrinkles. Without sufficient collagen, the skin also becomes rough and discolored. […]

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Can Sun Damage be Reversed?

Most of us who live here on the coast have an immense love for sunshine. We may not lie on the beach for hours at a time (at least not anymore), but we all know it’s difficult to avoid the call of the sunshine and all of its warming rays. The problem with these rays […]

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