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When we look at photos of our younger selves, we sometimes long for the days of youthful skin, and plump lips, but why should the aging process diminish your shine? At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we celebrate our clients by meeting them where they are in life and offer ways to enhance their inner youth on the outside. One of our most popular solutions to maintain a youthful, vibrant look is Lip Filler in the San Diego and La Jolla, CA area. 

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are FDA-approved injectable treatments that are administered to specific areas of your lips, to give a plumper and fuller look that blends into the surrounding areas of your face. Along with skin sagging and loss of elasticity, volume loss is a normal part of aging. The loss of volume leads to deep facial folds and wrinkles, hollows across the face, as well as skin that is less smooth. We offer a range of lip fillers to suit your desired outcome as well as your comfort level.  

What are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

La Jolla and San Diego Lip Fillers offer a range of benefits to clients who are unhappy with the volume of their lips, or the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Voluminous lips
  • Tightening of the surrounding skin
  • The ability to give your overall look a youthful boost
  • Confidence in your appearance 

Who are the Best Candidates for Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are an incredibly popular procedure and a favorite among our patients. In fact, most people who walk through our doors are great candidates for lip fillers, and we love to discuss options based on our range of treatments available. While it is a go-to treatment for many women starting in their 30s, we often treat male patients, as well as younger patients who are looking to enhance their youthful look. 

We believe that good candidates for Lip Fillers in La Jolla and San Diego should have some of these characteristics: are in good physical health, aged and drooping lips, do not have an active oral infection, including canker sores or cold sores, uneven or asymmetrical lips, have realistic expectations and overall facial harmony

If you are interested in one of our lip filler treatments, get in touch and we will discuss your options.

What’s the First Step?

The first step in getting a Lip Filler treatment in San Diego and La Jolla is to call us for a consultation. During the appointment, our highly trained and friendly medical staff will assess your desires and intended goals for wanting to get a dermal filler. We may discuss your medical history if it is relevant to know whether our treatment is right for you. We also encourage you to ask questions and share your concerns. We love to meet new prospective clients and walk you through the process during the consultation. 

After the consultation, we can book your appointment and get you started immediately, or you can reschedule with our Patient Coordinator for a day that’s better for you.


What to Expect on the Day of a Lip Filler Treatment

One of the biggest selling points of a lip filler treatment is how quick and painless it is. We understand life is busy, and the beauty of a lip filler is that we can fit your treatment in on your lunch break or between running errands. 

On the day of your appointment, you will be welcomed into our inviting clinic, with its custom lighting and comforting decor. Our medical staff will give you paperwork to fill out and offer you any refreshments to get you comfortable. From there we will take you into the treatment room, where the provider will talk you through the treatment process. Based on your consultation, the doctor will ensure you are comfortable with everything. From there, a numbing agent will be administered, such as a gel or a cream. 

The provider will inject your lips with the filler using exact measurements. They may gently massage the injected area to smoothen out the filler, adding additional filler if needed. The entire procedure can take as little as 10 minutes but can last up to 30 minutes. Once the lip filler has been injected, your treatment will conclude.

Lip Fillers Recovery

There is little to no recovery waiting time needed after getting a Lip Filler. After the procedure has concluded, our staff will advise you on any over-the-counter pain alleviation, should you experience any mild pain or irritation. The vast majority of our lip filler patients are back on their feet and back to their busy day within minutes of leaving the clinic! You may see some mild swelling of the lips after the procedure, which is all normal. Any swelling should recede within a few hours, which is when you will begin to see the beautiful results of the lip filler. 

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost in La Jolla & San Diego?

The cost of Lip Fillers in La Jolla & San Diego will vary in price and is determined by a number of factors, including the type of filler and the amount needed. To determine which one is right for you, and how much your treatment will cost, call us today for a consultation. After determining which treatment you will benefit from, your provider will be able to give you a more specific idea of the price, as well as the amount of time it will take. We have a range of payment plan options which our staff can discuss with you at our consultation. 


Why Choose La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic?

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is the place you want to come to when the reflection in the mirror is not what you want it to be. We promise to help you look more vibrant, youthful, slimmer, brighter, and more confident through nonsurgical procedures, many with no downtime and all with long-lasting beautiful results! You’ll benefit from the clinic’s expertise, our signature services which make us popular among many of our returning clients, and feel at home in our welcoming environment. We know there are many options for skin treatments out there. Still, at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic you will achieve signature California youthful beauty in under an hour, virtually pain-free!


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If you want fuller lips and are in the San Diego or La Jolla area, Lip Fillers could be an excellent non-surgical solution. Call us today at (858) 225-8380 to schedule your consultation and talk to one of our doctors. You can also fill out the contact form found on the menu navigation bar at the top of the website. Our staff will respond within a day and help you get started on the process of skin rejuvenation. 

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