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Exfoliation, oxygen, and corrective infusion all in one! Everyone’s loving this new treatment – and we mean everyone! Improving skin health is best achieved through exfoliation, oxygen delivery, and nutrient infusion. At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we offer the Oxygeneo™ 3-in-1 Super Facial for men and women in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California. The treatment combines exfoliation, oxygen, and infusion in one relaxing and easy treatment.


What is Oxygeneo?

OxyGeneo™ is an innovative technology for skin exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improvement of skin oxygen levels, and infusion of corrective products to enrich the skin. The simultaneous skin exfoliation along with skin oxygenation optimizes the absorption of the components in the nutrient-rich gels into the skin. This treatment does not include a vacuum as other exfoliation systems do. Breakthrough OxyGeneo™ Technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, Infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin.

What are the benefits of Oxygeneo?

Considered superior to microdermabrasion alone, these are some of the impressive results our clients have received from a San Diego or La Jolla Oxygeneo treatment: 

  • Skin plumping and hydrating
  • Restored skin volume
  • Renewed youthful glow
  • Increased collagen
  • Reduced hyper-pigmentation
  • Improved skin cell production
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Safe for ANY skin type

Who are the best candidates for Oxygeneo?

For patients looking to improve their skin, Oxygeneo in San Diego and the La Jolla area could be the ideal treatment for you. If you have wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring, dehydrated skin, sagging skin, and other related issues, talk to us about how the 3-in-1 treatment can drastically improve your appearance. We recognize some people have sensitive skin or experience various skin issues, which is why it is important to discuss this with our medical staff and doctor during your consultation. 

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting a ThermiSmooth treatment is to schedule a consultation. We offer free consultation sessions to call our patients. During the session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and problem areas with the provider. It is also a good time to ask questions and share any concerns or reservations you have about the treatment. We want to ensure you make the right decision by being fully informed. The provider will also assess your skin and the areas you wish to work on, to ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. 

Your treatment plan will be created and our Patient Coordinator will provide you with directions to follow to achieve optimal results.



What to expect on the day of an Oxygeneo treatment

On the day of your treatment, after filling out paperwork, you will be taken to the procedure room where the doctor will talk you through the process you will be using. 

The first step is exfoliation. Similar to microdermabrasion, the OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, and smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active nutrients. The OxyGeneo™ is safe on all skin tones and can treat sensitive skin without any irritation.

The second step is infusion. Through the exclusive Capsugen, the OxyGeneo™cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients. You choose between the NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement.

The third and final step in the Oxygeneo treatment is Oxygenation. The OxyGeneo™ produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism.

Oxygeneo recovery

There is no downtime needed after getting the Oxygenation treatment. We can recommend you resume normal activities after visiting us, and many clients go right back to work after their appointment. For sensitive skin, we can recommend a number of ointments to soothe the skin. Be sure to speak to our medical staff and the doctor during your consultation to learn more about this. 

How much does Oxygeneo cost in La Jolla & San Diego?

The cost of Oxygeneo in La Jolla & San Diego will vary from patient to patient because each treatment is tailored to address your specific concerns and skin issues. When you schedule your consultation, we will discuss your problems and assess your desired outcome. We will also be able to determine how long the treatment will take for you. Based on these factors, we will give you a more accurate price point during your consultation. We offer financing options for all our clients. 


Why Choose La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic?

As a renowned location in the La Jolla and San Diego areas, we offer the best and most advanced skin treatments on the market. Our friendly staff and inviting and clean atmosphere will ensure you feel comfortable and supported when you step in our doors. We treat all of our clients like family because we know how important your skin is. When you visit La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, you will receive world-class treatment, at affordable prices, with reassurance from our highly trained medical staff. 


Schedule Your Consultation

To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us at (858) 225-8380. You can also contact us on the website to make your booking. Our team is highly responsive and will make sure to schedule your consultation at a time that suits you. 

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