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In the heart of La Jolla, where coastal elegance meets a harmony of aesthetics, there’s a place where time seemingly stands still. La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, renowned for its commitment to enhancing natural beauty, invites you to embark on a transformative journey like no other. 

Meet Sculptra, the secret to a timeless allure. As the sun-kissed waves dance along the California coast, so does Sculptra, as it gently sculpts and rejuvenates your skin. In the skilled hands of the experts at La Jolla Laser, this non-surgical wonder promises to unlock a more youthful you, revitalizing not just your appearance but your confidence as well.

Join us on a voyage into the world of Sculptra, where the fountain of youth isn’t a myth—it’s a reality, and it’s waiting for you at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic just north of San Diego!

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a popular and effective procedure in La Jolla and San Diego. Approved by the FDA for facial volume deficiency and wrinkles, Sculptra is a unique, one-of-a-kind injectable product that stimulates natural collagen production. When prepared for injection, Sculptra is a bio-degradable, highly diluted mixture of powdered poly-l-lactic acid, the same material as dissolvable sutures and sterile water. When injected into the skin, the response by the body is collagen stimulation.

The final effect is a restoration of lost facial volume due to aging or supplementation to genetic volume deficiency. The “side effect” is a reduction of facial wrinkles and folds. Effects are proven to last at minimum two years, with most patients appreciating much longer improvements as the effects are actual collagen increases and not solely product, as is the case for most other filler products, which typically last 6 to 9 months.

Sculptra has been used cosmetically outside the U.S. since 1999 and is a very popular procedure in Europe and Canada. In 2004 Sculptra was FDA-approved for use in volume restoration from fat loss (facial lipoatrophy) for HIV patients. In July of 2009, the FDA approved Sculptra for the cosmetic indications of volume deficiency and facial wrinkles.

How Aging Of The Face Occurs

Facial aging is often seen beginning even in younger years as the collagen supply in the body slows down. Our bodies have a natural cycle of collagen synthesis and collagen breakdown. As the production cycle slows, the breakdown cycle does not. This is one of the primary reasons women, even as young as those of you in your 30s, begin to see yourselves as looking tired and less energetic.

As age advances, collagen production slows even more – except now the body begins to experience bone loss along with that collagen slow down. This triple combination loss of support tissue – bone, muscle, and collagen – translates into visible volume loss, sagging, and sometimes a profound loss of facial balance. (Stanford University Study  Bone Loss Effect on Appearance)

It is easy to guess the age of a relatively healthy person simply by viewing the shape of the face. In women, the evidence of aging is in the rectangular heavy shape of the lower face and the loss of the cheek projection. Also, in many, a temple depression accentuates the heaviness and shape change with more attention brought to the lower face – with the attendant jowling, loss of chin definition, and loss of proportion.

Bone support decreases with an increase in the distance between the end of the nose and the top of the lip. The lengthier the upper lip area, the more aged the look. Sculptra volume restoration through collagen stimulation is the only product that can be used in all areas to provide an overall “lift” effect and youthful restoration of volume and proportion. Although we cannot restore inevitable bone loss, the effects can be visually reversed with selective location volume restoration.

What Are the Benefits of Sculptra?

The best candidates for Sculptra treatment in San Diego are individuals who seek subtle yet remarkable facial rejuvenation. Sculptra is an ideal choice if you:

  • Heavy nasolabial folds
  • Sunken or hollow areas of the cheek
  • Facial gauntness
  • Depressed temple areas
  • Under-eye hollowing (specialized)
  • Generalized mild to moderate sagging
  • Jowling

Who Are the Best Candidates for Sculptra

The best candidates for Sculptra treatment in San Diego are individuals who seek subtle yet remarkable facial rejuvenation. Sculptra is an ideal choice if you have heavy nasolabial folds, sunken or hollow areas of the cheek, facial gauntness, depressed temple areas, under-eye hollowing (specialized), generalized mild to moderate sagging or jowling.

What’s the First Step?

The first step in your Sculptra experience in San Diego is to schedule a consultation with our expert team. During this initial meeting, we focus on understanding your unique aesthetic goals and concerns. 

Our skilled professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your facial anatomy, ensuring a personalized approach that addresses your specific needs. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about Sculptra, its remarkable benefits, and the treatment process. 

Following the consultation, we’ll collaboratively design a personalized Sculptra treatment plan tailored to your goals, providing you with a clear path toward achieving natural and long-lasting results. Your journey to rejuvenation and enhanced confidence begins with this first step, guided by our commitment to excellence and your well-being.


What to expect on the Day of Sculptra?

On the day of your Sculptra treatment at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, you can anticipate a welcoming and efficient experience. Our professional team will ensure you feel comfortable as we prepare the treatment area with a thorough cleansing. 

To minimize any discomfort, a topical numbing cream may be applied before the Sculptra injections. Our skilled experts will precisely administer Sculptra into the designated areas, following your personalized treatment plan. 

While you may notice immediate volume enhancement, it’s important to understand that these results are temporary and may diminish as initial swelling subsides. After the procedure, you’ll receive post-care instructions to facilitate a smooth recovery. Most patients can resume their daily activities with minimal downtime. Depending on your plan, additional Sculptra sessions may be recommended for optimal and long-lasting results. At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, your comfort and satisfaction are paramount throughout your Sculptra journey, ensuring you have a positive and transformative experience on the day of your treatment and beyond.

The Sculptra Post Injection “5”

Following your injection, you will receive an instruction card from our team indicating the areas where your Sculptra was injected. You will massage each area 5 times a day for 5 days. This massage technique will ensure the smooth distribution of the Sculptra product within your skin so your results are the very best they can be.

Sculptra Recovery

Recovery after Sculptra treatment at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is a relatively straightforward and well-tolerated process. Following your session, you may observe immediate volume enhancement in the treated areas, although these initial results are temporary and may diminish as any initial swelling subsides. 

It’s common to experience mild swelling, redness, or minimal bruising, but these effects typically resolve within a week or so. Most importantly, there is minimal downtime associated with Sculptra, allowing you to resume your daily activities promptly. Throughout your recovery journey, La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a positive and transformative experience.

How Much Does Sculptra Cost in La Jolla & San Diego?

At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we want every person in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California to receive the exceptional care that they deserve for their medical spa services, laser treatments, and cosmetic gynecology procedures. We offer financing to our patients to help you afford the cost of our services.

You can choose 3, 6, or 12-month plans. Short-term (up to 12 months) financing arranged through Nasrin Mani, M.D. as a CareCredit Physician is available at unbeatable terms. Extended plans of 18 to 48 months are available at affordable interest rates. For more information on our costs, please visit our financing page, or call us for a detailed consultation.


Why Choose La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic?

Selecting La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic is choosing a trusted partner in your journey to enhance your natural beauty and confidence. Led by a team of seasoned experts, our center combines expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a personalized approach to deliver outstanding results. Your safety and comfort are paramount, and our commitment to rigorous safety protocols ensures peace of mind throughout your treatment. With a focus on achieving natural-looking outcomes, we tailor each treatment plan to your unique needs and anatomy. 

Our comprehensive range of services, from non-invasive treatments to surgical procedures, allows us to address diverse aesthetic goals. At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, you’re not just a patient; you’re a valued individual on a transformative journey. We invite you to experience the difference and join our community of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their beauty and well-being.


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Every change starts with the decision to do so. To book your consultation for Sculptra at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, please contact our office directly at (858) 225-8380. Our experienced staff will assist you in scheduling your appointment, guiding you toward a rejuvenated and confident you.

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