Co2 The Queen of Lasers

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

You’ll read about all kinds of skin resurfacing – from non-ablative to sub-ablative to ablative and wonder; Which one one does the most?

Each laser has a function and often they cross-over in what they can do – but only to a limited degree. The Queen of Lasers has been and still is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). What CO2 laser can do that other lasers can’t.

A CO2 laser is the ONLY laser capable of actually instantly vaporizing damaged or poorly-functioning cells. This is referred to as ablative action and ablative is what you want when you have skin that shows obvious aging, deep pigmentation or more than mild sun damage.

For wrinkle removal, your only true option in laser is again ablative CO2.

Why? Because you need to alter the surface of the skin as well as alter the substructures to produce fresh new springy collagen.

Although CO2 laser procedures entail some level of downtime, this can be managed in a way to be fairly non-disruptive to your schedule. The fractional nature of the new CO2 lasers allows rapid healing with very tolerable and manageable pain levels – a huge leap from the very “icky recovery” full-surface lasers from the 1990’s.

If you are serious about getting serious improvementsthen an investigation in DeepFX and ActiveFX is worth your time. You are invited to book a complimentary appointment with Dr. McLeod, our CO2 laser specialist, who will assess your skin to see if CO2 laser is a viable option.

CO2 laser is not always the right course for everyone as there are some medical conditions that aren’t compatible. A professional consultation is required before any treatment plans could be put in place.

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