At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic we offer a complete variety of dermal filler products, both temporary and permanent.

Fillers can provide a fine line smoothing element for age-related facial lines all the way to acting as injectable implants. Sculptra’s collagen stimulation action restores volume and rebalances facial contours in a way no other product can.

Sculptra® Collagen Stimulator  – Causes your skin to produce new collagen in specifically chosen areas. Combat age-related volume loss from facial fat atrophy, bone loss and muscle loss.

ArteFill® – A permanent filler with non absorbable microspheres. Perfect for nasolabial folds.

Juvederm – Hyaluronic gel filler for lip plumping and wrinkle filling. Soft smooth formulations which contain lidocaine for enhanced injection comfort.

LiquidLift – A combination of appropriate fillers, collagen stimulating Sculptra and wrinkle relaxers. Specific to each patient’s needs and desires

Perlane® – Denser hyaluronic acid gel for deeper wrinkles and contour support

Radiesse – Long lasting calcium based filler for deep folds, chin and cheek augmentation and nose refinement. Can also be used for hand rejuvenation.

Restylane® – The original hyaluronic acid gel for wrinkles, earlobe restoration, lines and folds. Comes with integrated lidocaine which instantaneously numbs the injected area making corrections comfortable and easily tolerable.

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