Fraxel is proving to be one of the most effective methods for improving acne scars – with little or no downtime. Acne scars (and all other indented or depressed scars for that matter) are a result of tissue damage and represent the body’s response to cell destruction. The scars consist of contracted collagen strands and tend to “pull in”, leaving saucer shaped indentations that are made more visually prominent by the shadows they create.

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Treatment Goal For Acne Scars

acne-scarring-image-gallery1The goal in treating acne scars is to level the field as much as possible so that the scarred skin and the normal skin are more alike than different. Only by promoting additional collagen production, does the skin return to a more normalized appearance. This is where Fraxel excels and does so with fractional laser technology.

What “Fractional” Means

The nature of Fraxel is such that only a percentage of skin is affected in each treatment session. Tiny columns of skin are treated so that your skin maintains a healthy, fast-healing component and practically eliminates risk of infection (you do have to follow post treatment care for this and any other laser treatment).

How Does Fraxel Change The Scar?

Each laser beam creates intense heat deep down in the damaged area of the skin (the scar). The skin’s response to heat is new collagen production. As new collagen forms, the tissue beneath the scar builds to “lift” the scar floor, making it less obvious.

This fractional approach provides minimal disruption in your routine and depending upon the treatment levels, you may experience no disruption at all. You can select the treatment aggressiveness to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Each Fraxel acne scar treatment adds to the last in the amount of collagen production that is prompted. Over time, the body’s healing response to the laser adds sufficient collagen to help smooth the differences between scarred areas and normal skin. The changes can be quite dramatic.

Fraxel Acne Scar treatment does require multiple sessions for true effectiveness. You will be evaluated as to an approximate number of sessions required. Our office provides discounted package pricing for multiple treatments so that you can get the best value and also the best response. The Fraxel Re:store Laser has FDA 510(k) clearances for acne scars and surgical scars; skin resurfacing procedures; pigmented lesions such as age spots, sun spots and diffuse pigmentation; melasma; treatment of wrinkles around the eyes; and for other dermatological conditions.

“Overall the results have been amazing. I had major scarring on my face from repeated bouts with cystic acne growing up (I’m currently 39).

After the first 3 treatments people kept mentioning how great my skin looked, but they couldn’t quite “place the difference”. One person even said it looked like a got a face lift! My melasma improved as well, to the point that the gal who gives me facials was BLOWN AWAY when she saw me 2 weeks after a Fraxel”.

Same patient …. “I had my 5th fraxel five days ago and am amazed by the results. I thought my skin texture (scarring) and melasma improved significantly after the 4th, but there is such a noticeable improvement after my fifth, and I know it will significantly improve from here. I realize I still have some swelling, but compared to this point last time my skin looks incredible. I advise folks to stick with it — it totally works!! Again, find a great doctor”

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