Mechanics of Photodynamic Therapy

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

If you are not happy with rough, dry patchy skin, blotchy pigmentation, sun-damaged skin or fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to consider Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

Photodynamic Therapy uses a photosensitizing drug such as Levulan or Allumera to destroy damaged or abnormal skin cells. When hit with its specific activating frequency, the drug releases a chemical that kills the targeted cells. By using different drugs and different lights, the treatment can be targeted at different types of cells at different depths in the skin.

PDT treatment is a two step process. First the photosensitizing drug is spread on the treatment area. During a brief waiting period, the drug is then absorbed by the target cells. After  reasonable period for absorption, the light source is used to activate the photosensitizer.

PDT reverses the signs of aging by targeting certain types of unwanted cells and also by stimulating a healing response that encourages the skin to grow back healthier, smoother, and more elastic.

Acne can also be treated by PDT when other methods have failed or you haven’t seen substantial improvement. This therapy treatment kills the bacteria deep within the skin, and reduces the size of or even disables overactive sebaceous glands that give harborage to bacterial colonies.

If you believe Photodynamic Therapy is the right method for you and you live in southern California, please contact Dr. Nasrin Mani to discuss your options.

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