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All of us lose lip volume as we get older – and older doesn’t mean “old” ! You can begin seeing a thinning of your lips even in your 20’s. The key to lips that don’t look fuller but still natural is to incorporate the philtral columns in the process. The philtral columns are the two vertical ridges between the cupid’s bow and the nose.  Otherwise your new lips can look like they’ve been pasted on – NOT the way to feel or look prettier or sexier!

Juvederm and Restylane are the top choices for lip augmentation as they are safe, soft gels –  and they can be dissolved if you change your mind.

Of note: Many supplements and medications increase the chance of bruising. See our Dermal Filler Treatment Guidelines to see what you might be taking that will cause bruising. If you take blood thinners on your doctor’s orders, be certain you get an okay before undergoing injections.