Skin Care for the Boys

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

In recent years, the female beauty product market has become so saturated that several cosmetic companies have turned their attention to developing skin care lines specifically for men. It remains to be seen whether this new marketing strategy will help build a new customer base for these manufacturer’s brands, but there is sound logic behind the move. In many ways, men’s skin care needs are different from women’s.

The following factors support the idea that men require different skin care products than women:

· Men and women have a different quality of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin’s surface
· Men’s coarse facial hair makes their skin less smooth to the touch
· Men’s and women’s skin will respond differently to skin care products as they are rubbed in

At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we offer medical-grade skin care products that are clinically proven effective for men. Several of our products have been designed with the unique needs of men in mind, and they can help you maintain healthy, youthful looking skin for years to come.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Mani will recommend the ideal combination of skin care products to address your unique needs and skin type.

Please contact La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic today to schedule your free skin care consultation. We serve patients in La Jolla, California.

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