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We’ve had some industry alerts recently that were very disturbing. To make sure our readers are on watch for suspicious offers, we’re providing some real life examples.
  1. An “unnamed doctor” on a deal site offer in Orange County was promoting full face CO2 laser for under $300. Some concerned recipients of the email knew something was amiss at such an extraordinarily low price and did some research.The “practice” web page only identified the doctor by an initial. No background, no history. The laser equipment named was not an FDA approved device. There was never a real person who answered the phone at the number posted in association with the promotion – only voicemail.These deal sites can’t possibly police all their customers so it is up to each individual to look further than the buy button.

    Ladies and gentleman, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it may not only be not true, but it could also be dangerous. 

  2. In New York a spa owner posed as a surgeon and performed liposuction and fat transfers. One “patient” ended up in a hospital with life threatening sepsis.
  3. A woman died after being injected with massive amounts of industrial silicone. The injections took place in a hotel room. The woman died from massive silicone migration.
We know it is tempting to make choices based on price, but your health, appearance and life are not worth risking for the sake of a bargain. Always do your due diligence before clicking that “buy” button or saying yes to a procedure from someone who does not openly share their qualifications or suggests you be treated outside of a medical office. In California it is easy to check the credentials of a physician and if there is any doubt, always verify.