Ultherapy Can Do All This?

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

New off-label uses for Ultherapy include the décolletage (approved in Japan), arms, thighs, buttocks and even hyperhidrosis.

You may have heard the term “off label” before and wonder what it means. Or you might have thought it was in some way illegal, but actually “off label” simply means the FDA did not participate in any clinical trials for a specific use for a technology or product.

An example: For years Botox was used off label to treat frown lines before it was approved for that specific use. After it was discovered that patients being treated for a medical condition that caused eye spasms also had fewer frown lines, Botox became the frown eraser.

And most all fillers are singularly FDA approved for nasolabial folds, but they are routinely used for lips, chins, noses, cheeks, scars, various wrinkles, ear lobes and jowls. Without “off label” use, we would not have nearly the advantages of cosmetic procedures that we enjoy now.

There are a few patient restrictions and those can be discussed at your consultation (which, by the way, is provided at no charge).

Technology continues to offer new and better ways to make us look better faster and without downtime or social interruption.

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Ulthera has multiple evaluations and clinical trials in progress and continues to explore the potential of focused ultrasound technology.

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