Before and After Ultherapy La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic
Before and After Ultherapy. Individual results may vary.

What can make you look older – even when you’re not? The list is long, but one thing that is a sure “age giveaway” is a slack jawline and sagging neck. Ultherapy Lift is the ONLY FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure for actually lifting skin of the brow, chin and neck.

This revolutionary procedure, seen on “20/20”, “Doctor Oz”, “The View”, “The Doctors” and raved about in magazines across the country, has literally leap-frogged over other technologies in the way we treat aging appearance. Find out more about our Ultherapy services by calling (866) 676-3242 for a complimentary consultation with an experienced provider at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic today.

2016 Ultra Premier Plus Award

ultherarewards_logo-2016We’re an Ultherapy Ultra Premiere Plus practice! And one of the TOP 5 Ultherapy practices in the entire country!

What Should I Know About Ultherapy?

Deep ultrasound energy lifts and firms at levels treated in cosmetic surgery. We have the new Amplify upgrade. More comfort and even better results! Ultherapy is now FDA-approved for the décolleté. View photos.

Benefits Of Ultherapy Lift

  • Look Younger, More Contoured & Thinner*
  • Have Tighter, Firmer, Better-fitting Skin on Neck and Jawline
  • Get an Uplift without the facelift surgery – Completely Noninvasive
  • No Downtime – No Recovery – Takes about 1 Hour
  • Treat Brow and Eye and/or Lower Face and Neck

*Patients who have had Ultherapy for the lower face and neck nearly always report that friends and family say they look like they’ve lost weight.

Ultherapy Lift is the 2014 New Beauty Choice Award Winner!

What Is Ultherapy Lift?

Ultherapy is a new category of treatment for making you look younger, tighter and more lifted without surgery or downtime. Based on ultrasound – energy waves that allow us to see inside the body, Ultherapy uses high energy focused ultrasound beams to specifically modify skin tissue at depths that is 3 times deeper than any other nonsurgical procedure.

The Ultherapy system allows us to see beneath the skin exactly where we are treating, so there is no guesswork of what tissue level we are actually treating. At all times your treatment nurse or doctor can view skin structures to be sure you are treated precisely, safely and at maximum impact levels.

We Have 4 Medical Professional Certified Ultherapists On Staff

  • Tammy Harrington, RN
  • Viviane Sanada, NP-C
  • Allison Smith, PA
  • Kelly Peterson, NP


How Does Ultherapy “Lift”?

The ultrasound energy reaches all the way to the SMAS, the same levels as those affected in surgical face lifting. At this level Ultherapy places thousands of tiny energy deposits at in the skin – both at 4.5mm and then at 3.0 mm. These energy deposits create what is called TCPs – or thermal coagulation points.

These TCPs cause a two-fold reaction. One is immediate tightening and the 2nd is the start of a gradual, long term collagen production process that lifts and tightens both the deep SMAS layer and the dermal layer. The final results? Tighter, more lifted jawline and neck, more uplifted cheek area and what amounts to a gentle brow lift.


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