5 Steps to Stronger Skin

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

5 Steps to stronger skin
When you consider the abuse your skin is subject to, it’s actually pretty amazing it holds up as well as it does.  Stronger skin is healthier skin and stays younger looking longer. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to strengthen your skin.

  1. Proper cleansing. Not just a bar of soap, but real cleanser that has a proper pH balance and adequately removes the day’s grime and oxidative pollutants. Our best suggestion is a Clarisonic cleansing brush to use with your cleanser. You get triple benefits of super clean skin, a gentle exfoliation and increased blow flow. No brush? A 100% cotton washcloth will clean better than hands alone and will provide exfoliation and stimulation at the same time. (If you are a Rosacea or Acne sufferer, get specific guidance on how to clean your skin without aggravating your condition.)
  2. Antioxidant serums help un-do the damage caused by the interaction of air, pollutants and sun. Just like metal that is exposed to the elements, your skin is exposed to the same oxidizing (think rust) effects of the environment.  C+E Ferulic serums will go a LONG way toward giving your skin a fighting chance against the elements.
  3. Sunscreen. You hear the admonition all the time – Use Sunscreen Every Day – because it’s an important one. The sun is your #1 enemy when it comes to premature aging. Protection is 10x simpler and far less expensive than correction. Pick one for your skin type and be dedicated.
  4. Hydration. Inside and outside. A good topical moisturizer and the good sense to drink plenty of water are a buddy system that will increase the elasticity and self detoxifying actions of your skin in ways you’ll be surprised to see in even a short period of time.
  5. Rest. Your skin goes through a repair cycle every night. When you take away that needed downtime, you take away your skin’s ability to function at its best.

Will such simple steps really work? Absolutely!

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