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By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

Allumera is great for women and men seeking a smoother, revitalized appearance. Those who want their face to look refreshed and timeless, without the downtime of more aggressive procedures, should consider this new and effective topical cream.

Allumera is currently only used to treat facial conditions, such as:

However, because of the success of the formula it is being studied for use on the hands, arms, chest, and legs.

Allumera fills the gap for patients looking for non-invasive photodynamic therapy (PDT)with very minimal side effects. For most people, they will experience a slight prickling, burning or stinging sensation during and immediately after their treatment. You may also see mild redness in the treated area but it should disappear with two to three days. It is uncommon for the redness to last longer than a week.

Because your skin will be sensitive after the treatment, you should use sunscreen or protective attire if you plan to be outside in the sun. After 48 hours, most patients will be able to resume using moisturizers and wear make-up.

To find out more about Allumera and how it can revitalize your skin, please contact us to request a call from one of our skin specialists.

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