Is Dermapen™ Effective and Safe?

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

The Dermapen™ is a newer treatment option for removing scars and fine lines from various areas of your body. This handheld device uses multiple needles to pierce the skin in rapid succession to promote collagen stimulation, fibroblast creation, and the growth of elastin fibers.

Once “pooh-poohed” by the medical community, cosmetic physicians discovered that it is an actual viable option for a range of skin issues – from simple skin surface irregularities to moderate-depth scarring.

Dermapen™ does not have the same quick impact of lasers but can provide some additional options to

No matter what skin problems you are currently facing, the doctors at our comfortable La Jolla office can provide you with a treatment that is customized to meet your needs and provide long-lasting, effective results.

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