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Sammie, in her mid-thirties, came to us desperately seeking help. (We have changed her name to protect patient privacy.) Years of serious teenage acne had left her with scars that were taking a toll on her self-confidence. She wanted a solution that did not require an invasive procedure or lots of down time.

In a thorough consultation with acne scar specialist Dr. Mani, we discussed Sammie’s options, beginning with the differences in the latest treatments available for acne scars, surgical scars and other types of facial scarring. Those included:

  • Lasers, like the Fraxel® or ActiveFX and DeepFX, which resurface skin with high-intensity and highly focused heat. These types of lasers stimulate collagen growth as well as improve the immediate appearance of scars. Three to five sessions spaced two to four weeks apart can provide outstanding results. The results are progressive and permanent (though your skin will still age naturally).
  • Injectable fillers, like Restylane®, Perlane®, or Juvederm®, can fill moderate to deep acne scars, with results lasting up to a year. These fillers are injected under the skin, adding volume and fullness to softly smooth out scars. Several treatments can yield the best results.

Do you have similar acne-scarring concerns as Sammie? Let us help. Please contact us at our La Jolla, California office at 800-515-7753.