Holiday Makeover December 7th

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

This event is past. If you missed it. there will be more in the future. Be sure you are signed up for our Enew and on Facebook to be sure you get advance notice.

With all the emphasis on youth, it’s nice to know that you don’t actually have to be youngto look vibrant and healthy…and yeah, younger.

Although aging is not that much fun (I can feel my joints ache now and then when I get up from the sofa these days!), it’s inescapable, so why not simply enjoy the ride and embrace the wisdom, the friends you’ve had for decades and the 1985 shoes that are back in style again? A little bit of technology, judiciously applied, can make that ride a little sweeter.

Technology can fortunately keep all of us looking a bit better – and sometimes a lotbetter.

We can tighten, tone, fill, build up and trim with some very simple personal  involvement. How?

Thermage – the grandfather (or should we say grandmother?) of non surgical tightening. Thermage can be used almost anywhere; from a sagging jowl to eyelids to arms to tummies to derrieres to thighs. Not surgical by any means, but enjoyable levels of firming that last a long time.

Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting – Oh my, were we excited when we hooked up to this!! We all seem to struggle with that extra tummy fat or the love handles and those horrible bulges that squish out around our bra. CoolSculpting deep cools the fat cells so they crystallize and eventually end up being swept away by the body’s ultra-efficient cleanup processes.

Where Did the Young Me Go?
For years the “facelift” was what every woman and a lot of men assumed they’d have to resort to in that perpetual effort to look as young as they felt – or at least as young as they actually were! Then when it was finally recognized that VOLUME LOSS was the bigger issue, the real deal facelift started to take a back seat.

Sculptra, Radiesse and Artefill are three volume replacers that provide ultra long term contour correction and fill. Put the apples of your cheeks back where they belong; Fill in sunken temples; Lift up beginning jowls; Get rid of under eye hollows. You can look good fast, or take it a little slower so no one sees the yesterday/today major change.

Sculptra –   Sculptra is the “slow-mo” way to get new collagen, so after a few months people simply think you’ve been taking really good care of yourself instead of standing back and wondering if you had “work” done. A word about Lazy Collagen – Heads up – nearly no one can get what they need with one vial, so think in term of multiples. The older you are, the more you will need since older means lazier collagen processes.

Radiesse –  Great for instant results if you want to look better right NOW! Radiesse will last about 2 years. Great for cheeks, jawline, nasolabial folds – but you can’t put it in the lips. The lips are Juvederm or Restylane territory.

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