liquid-lift-image-galleryThere has been much press about various “nonsurgical facelifts”, and indeed, technology seems to be approaching the levels many people have decided is more than adequate in avoiding the surgeon’s scalpel.

The majority of nonsurgical techniques have focused on laser-type procedures, such as Thermage and most recently DeepFX combined with Thermage. These technologies work over time as new collagen is produced within your skin and existing collagen is tightened. The latest LIFT technology is Ultherapy – a focused ultrasound system that reaches as deeply as surgical manipulation.

But what you were to want a more immediate result, or a lift that required facial augmentation?

In some patients the goal of a liquid facelift procedure is to lift the entire face. In others, the goal is to lift or contour specific facial features. LiquidLift products and procedures may be used to accomplish a number of objectives when it comes to facial contouring and lifting. The patient below shows how a simple injectable augmentation in the cheek area alters the entire face shape.

LiquidLift Options

The most immediate full or partial nonsurgical face lifting is accomplished with injectable products – most often Voluma or Radiesse along with softer fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. Undereye areas as well as facial contouring can be corrected for an extended time with Restylane, a permanent filler product which does not degrade in the skin.

For patients who are willing to allow the natural growth of their own collagen – a process that takes several sessions and time – we highly recommend Sculptra.

Radiesse Or Voluma For Cheek Augmentation And Lift

Of course, BOTOX® Cosmetic plays a substantial role in face “lifting” as it allows muscles to relax, alleviating frowns and furrows that tend to push down the brow. BOTOX® can also reverse age-related mouth frowns where the corners of the mouth begin to turn down instead of level or up. This is a subtle change that has some profound impact.

Injectables essentially refill the deflating “balloon” that comes from age-related descent of the facial tissues and muscle. The overall lift can come from restoring height to the cheekbones, filling sunken cheek areas, filling in eye hollows, augmenting chin and lips. You can completely change the appearance of age, substituting it for one of youth and energy.

Simple extras, such as a touch of Juvederm in the philtral ridges above the center of the lip restore the “cupid’s bow” and give the lip a more youthful sex-appeal, plus it helps remove the focus from tiny vertical lines above the lip

If you were to think of your face as a sculpture, injectables are the “clay” that the sculptor adds to bring up the cheeks, augment the lips and chin and soften the angularity of age. It’s not always necessary to perform a full face treatment. Under eye hollows, cheek augmentation, jowl-leveling and lifting…specific-area or custom-multiple-area volume replacements are unique to you. Dr. Mani is careful to provide enough (but not too much) correction to achieve the most natural result.

View Videos Below

Rachael Ray featured the LiquidLift on her TV show. If you have about 10 minutes to watch both segments, you can see how instantly results can be obtained without an artificial or surgical appearance.

Liquid Facelift Video – Rachael Ray Show Part 1 Rand Rusher, MD

Liquid Facelift Video – Rachael Ray Show Part 2 Rand Rusher, MD

The Finishing Touch

All of us experience pigmentation irregularities with time and especially so with the outdoor lifestyle we lead in southern California. Light and laser treatments can remove or blend facial dark splotches. IPL Fotofacial will even irregular skin color and balance skin texture and tone. Fraxel or ActiveFX will improve tone and texture along with removal of hyperpigmented areas

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