New Treatment Options For Acne Scarring!

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

Struggling With Acne? Or Acne Scarring?

It happens to all of us, even celebrities. Celebs may seem to have flawless skin, but in reality, acne does not discriminate. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to bad acne.  So it is completely understandable that many celebs have to deal with acne or scarring at some time. Men and women, models or not, they all suffer from acne. Given their heavy makeup, rigorous workload, high stress and lack of sleep, it is no wonder the effects show on their skin. It is just well hidden by their makeup artists. Unfortunately we don’t all have that luxury. In many cases it seems obvious that they consulted a good doctor who helped them deal with their acne, and hide or remove their acne scars.

Acne Scar Release & Refine

Good news for the 40-50 million people who have acne scarring. New laser treatments can remove or reduce the appearance of acne scars. As of June 2015, La Jolla Laser offers the most cutting edge laser treatment available for acne scarring. Called Acne Scar Release & Refine, this 3 step process releases the scar tissue and resurfaces the skin in one session.

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There is now no reason to delay or trade off safety, time and cost for effective treatments that can restore your self-confidence. Give La Jolla Laser a call today and find out for yourself.

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