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Pre Holiday Quick Fixes

The holidays are headed your way – Ready or not!

If you are taking a look in the mirror after trying on your holiday outfits and you don’t look better than the dress or the tux, there’s still time to do a few things that don’t take a lot of time and many that don’t drain your gift budget.

Here’s A Fast Fix List

Spots and Dots:
If you’ve got a week, IPL Photofacial does wonders for lifting dark spots and taming red blotchiness

Dull Skin:
Microdermabrasion – A super exfoliation to polish away dry dead skin cells

Frowns and Furrows:
Botox or Xeomin 7 days to lift and smooth
Dysport – 3 or 4 days to smooth out frowns and crow’s feet

Thinning lips:
Restylane or Juvederm – give them a week. Prep first by stopping blood thinning supplements, aspirin, ibuprofin, Vitamin E, etc. so you don’t bruise!

Under eye hollows with Restylane:
Instant – possibly a couple of days swelling (but if it’s a big event, try to fill at least a week ahead…just in case)

Contour Loss:
Voluma instantly gives you enviable cheekbones

Aged Hands
Radiesse for hands – instant volume replacement to cover veins, tendons and bones. Possible bruising – opt for treatment a week or more

Gentle Peels and Facials
Many to choose from – all with lovely results that leave your skin holiday “glowy”, smooth and fresh. SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel is a favorite!

Skin Care Products
It’s amazing what the right products can do to hydrate and brighten your skin. Our estheticians will pick what will work best for your skin.