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For most of us, lasting beauty doesn’t simply come naturally. Even Kim Kardashian has to put work into her famous looks. The celebrity spends more than $100,000 each year on beautifying herself with laser skin resurfacing and other treatments, according to Britain’s Daily Mail.

Fighting the effects of aging and keeping your body in shape takes time and effort. Although celebrities seem to have stunning features, flawless skin and great bodies effortlessly, the truth is that a lot of time and money goes into maintaining such an appearance.

According to the Daily Mail, Kardashian spends thousands of dollars on facials and glycolic acid skin peels each month, which is probably the reason the 31-year-old star’s skin has a fresh, smooth quality. She told Oprah she lasers everything, including Fraxel laser treatment on her face for even, glowing skin. Kim also sticks to an intensive workout regimen, and gets body scrubs and sewn-in eyelashes.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a non-surgical way to restore your skin’s more youthful qualities. Using lasers, our doctors can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and leg veins. We can erase the signs of sun damage and aging, including fine lines, brown spots, poor texture and scarring on your face, chest and elsewhere. Because for most of us, great skin takes work.

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