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Those pesky fine lines around your lips – called smoker’s lines or lipstick lines – now have a solution that’s instant. Restylane SILK is the first and only FDA-approved filler for these vertical lip lines and thin sensitive lips.

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Lip lines have always been a difficult challenge. Fillers in general have always been designed to fill wrinkles and folds and restore volume. Vertical lip lines have defied the use of traditional filler, often showing as ridges instead of a smoother surface.

Restylane SILK Is Formulated for:

  • Use in the most superficial of lines
  • As a lip plumping filler for extra-sensitive lips
  • Tiny lines above and below the lips

Restylane SILK is new and just coming publicly available. Dr. Mani is one of only 50 training physicians across the country. This new dermal filler integrates extremely well into the skin’s uppermost layers. Injections are made of tiny amounts along the line so that there is no discernible "filler ridge".  The special viscosity of Restylane SILK allows each injection amount to connect to the adjacent one – providing a smooth result that looks most natural.

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How Is Restylane SILK Different from Regular Restylane?

SILK is a softer formula with more flow properties. The regular Restylane is meant to stay in an area and hold shape deeper in the skin. This formulation is meant to flow into the small lines so that there is no “push” that would create a lump or ridge.

Restylane for Lips or SILK for Lips?

The new formulation is an ideal choice for you if you have very thin and sensitive lip skin. Those with normal tissue will most likely still prefer regular Restylane for lip augmentation.

Will This New Filler Last as Long?

Likely not – studies show a great majority of patients still happy with results at 6 months, but because it is a more delicate filler, we tend to think it won’t last quite as long as regular Restylane.

So I Can Now Depend on the Filler Instead of Lasers?

For some patients, filler will be perfectly acceptable. For others, the best solution will still be laser which can change the collagen structure. Fillers can’t do that. Both treatments can be chosen with laser first and after full collagen remodeling at 6 months, we can augment those results with filler.

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