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Acne Scar Release in San Diego, CA

Acne scars develop deep in your skin and are anchored by bands of connective tissue to produce the indented appearance. At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we offer the advanced acne scar release treatment to remove the indented appearance of acne scars that are bothersome to men and women in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California.

Acne Scar Release & Refine

How To Remove Acne Scars

Treating acne scars has always been a challenge. For those of you with scarring that is more severe, it has sometimes felt hopeless. Until now…

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Acne Scar Release Before and After Pictures San Diego, CA
Acne Scar Release Before and After Pictures San Diego, CA

A new multi-technique procedure has been developed to address moderate to severe scarring in a single treatment session. This comprehensive single session scar removal technique was developed by Dr. Mark Taylor, a pioneer cosmetic laser surgeon and internationally recognized surgical dermatologist from Salt Lake City.

Acne Scar Release & Refine (ASRR) is a three-step procedure that will release the scar attachment and resurface the skin in a single session.

Acne Scar Release And Refine Procedure Process

Step 1: Skin Numbing

Acne Scar Release Before and After Pictures San Diego, CA

Your skin is marked and then numbed with tumescent anesthesia. This anesthesia technique involves flooding the tissues beneath the upper skin layers with lidocaine to keep you completely comfortable throughout the process.

Step 2: Release (Medically Known As Subcision*)

Then, your provider will make a small incision in front of the ear, delicate surgical tools called microdissectors severe the fibrous scar bands that pull the scar floor to the dermis. When released, the scar floor rises (it’s like releasing a tether). A cleaning tip is used to capture and remove any sinew-like scar debris to create a smooth under–surface.

Differences in Subcision Methods

The difference in this type of subcision is that typical subcision requires a cut into each scar. *Subcision in the ASRR technique is “field” subcision – where there is a single hidden incision and all the work is done beneath the skin surface, eliminating the otherwise high number of cuts to release each scar from the surface.

Step 3: Laser Refine

Fractional Er:YAG laser (SP Dynamis) smooths the surface from the outside and increases collagen production which further smooths the skin. Continued collagen generation improves results over the subsequent 6 months.

What Should I Expect After My Acne Scar Release & Refine Procedure?

You will be given post procedure skin care products to protect your skin during the healing process which takes an average of 10 days. Your skin may be red for a period of time after initial healing. This redness will subside but can be camouflaged with makeup during that time. Potentially you may experience some short term hyperpigmentation which is easily treatable and can also be camouflaged.

Your skin will be going through a transition over the next 4 to 6 months as new collagen from the laser treatment builds to further smooth the skin. You should treat your skin gently and it is absolutely necessary to use the provided sun screen products.


  • Tumescent anesthesia: Dilute anesthetic that numbs the skin at deep levels for pain free treatment.
  • Lidocaine: Numbing agent – the same effective numbing agent used for dentistry and any skin procedure which could cause pain.
  • Microdissector: A thin tool with a blade-like edge used under the skin to cut tissue without the need to create a cut in the skin surface for each scar.
  • Fractional Er:YAG Laser: An ablative laser that removes very narrow micro-columns of tissue. Fractional indicates that only a percentage of skin is treated so healing is faster, more comfortable during healing with lower risk.

Acne Scar Release FAQs

What is Acne Scar Release?

Acne scar release, also known as subcision treatment, is a treatment designed to diminish the appearance of acne scarring. It is called subcision because it involves going beneath the skin to release the scar tissue, allowing the skin to return to a smooth and even texture.

How Does Subcision Work?

Subvision involves making a single incision into an acne scar. From here, healthy skin tissue can be released by cutting through the scar tissue fibers that are responsible for the appearance of acne scars. This is followed by a laser treatment, which stimulates collagen production to aid in healing and recovery.

Is Subcision Permanent?

Yes, the results from subcision treatments like acne scar release are permanent. Patients can achieve a permanent reduction in the appearance of acne scars with this technique.

How Long Does Subcision Take to Heal?

On average, the subcision acne scar release treatment takes about 10 days to recover from. During this time, patients may experience redness or changes in pigmentation. These effects can be concealed with makeup, and will fade away by the end of the recovery period.

How Much Does Subcision Cost?

The cost of acne scar release subcision treatments will vary depending on the severity of the acne scars and the size of the affected area. Fortunately, the availability of financing options makes this and other treatments much more affordable.

Acne scar release treatment at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic works after just one treatment. To learn more about this advanced cosmetic procedure for men and women in San Diego, Encinitas, La Mesa, El Cajon, and surrounding areas of California, contact us today to schedule a consultation.