With Allumera, Light Can Restore Your Skins Beauty

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

In the late nineteenth century, inventors turned to the new marvel of electricity for the rejuvenation of the skin. First, inventors applied electricity to power “rhythmotherapy” devices (electric massagers) that were so popular they became the fifth household appliance to utilize the new convenience (after the sewing machine, fan, teakettle, and toaster, but before the vacuum cleaner and electric iron). Among other things, these devices were used to combat wrinkles. Electricity was also applied to shock the skin into youth. This device claimed that it not only improved wrinkles, but also eliminated freckles, cured whooping cough, and firmed sagging breasts.

Unlike electrical charlatans, Allumera uses photodynamic therapy to produce real, lasting results. The secret is the combination of the light with a special topical cream. This cream is absorbed by damaged or diseased cells. When the special wavelength of light is used to illuminate the treatment area, the cream performs a dual function. In some cells, the compound becomes toxic, destroying the damaged cells and allowing your body to replace them with healthier, younger-looking skin. Even if it does not destroy diseased cells, it illuminates them, allowing for us to decide if an alternative treatment is necessary.

The results of Allumera are real, with 74% of patients reporting skin that looks and feels more radiant after treatment. These treatment results last for three months or more.

Don’t live in the dark ages of beauty. Come into the light. See the benefits of Allumera.

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