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Belotero in San Diego, CA

Fine lines and superficial wrinkles have been a challenge to doctors for some time. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a nice easy filler that takes on those little lines and makes them GONE? Well, we have that for you now.

What’s So “Different” About Belotero?

Perfected for fine lines. The formulation is easily the most versatile hyaluronic gel for fine lines – and may become an equal competitor to the existing other HA gels for lip augmentation. Certainly it will be very useful for perioral lines (the vertical lines around the mouth) and small lines around the eyes that may not be treatable with a relaxer. Even the horizontal lines on the neck that seem to shout “old” are on the map with Belotero.

It’s easy to layer. The technology of Belotero makes it a perfect “top layer” filler to be placed over deeper fillers such as Radiesse or Perlane or Juvederm Ultra. These denser gels can provide instant volume while the Belotero can add the finesse to soften superficial wrinkles.

It doesn’t shout. If you have previously been treated with a dermal filler you will be surprised by the subtlety of the area treated with Belotero. Unlike other fillers, you are unlikely to feel the gel in the skin, but will certainly see the results. This makes it especially useful for patients who have delicate or thin skin.


How Long Does Belotero Last?

The effect will depend on the individual and the area that has been treated. In clinical studies 66% of patients continued to show a visible improvement 9 months after a single treatment. As with other hyaluronic gels, a touch up treatment at 6 to 9 months helps maintain consistent effects.

Does The Injection Hurt?

Uniquely designed to flow through very fine needles, Belotero helps to reduce any discomfort that may be experienced with dermal filler injections. The integration with your own tissue and the easy biocompatibility means it is a very friendly product for the injector. In areas where you might be a little more sensitive we can inject a numbing solution or apply a topical numbing gel.

Will I Feel The Filler Once It’s Injected?

You are unlikely to feel the gel when you touch the treated area. A major appeal is the ability of this filler to mimic the feel of natural skin at very superficial depths. Belotero can be positioned towards the surface of your skin with no concern that the filler will be seen or felt.

Where Can Belotero Be Used?

  • Periorbital lines – Also known as “crow’s feet”, these lines can be reduced and smoothed in conjunction with a relaxer or as an alternative to a relaxer (think BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport).
  • Bridge of the nose – Soften the appearance of bumps or irregular contours of the nose
  • Cheekbones – To regain the fullness of a youthful face, Belotero  can be used alone or with a base of Radiesse or one of the denser hyaluronic gels.
  • Nasolabial folds – The lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth, also known as laugh lines, can be the most noticeable of all lines of the face. They can be smoothed away and leave you with a subtle, even result with a combination of Radiesse and Belotero. 
  • Perioral lines – Sometimes called smoker’s lines. These lines are hereditary and frequently caused by puckering of the lips while speaking. You do not need to be a smoker to get them. They can be easily filled and softened with Belotero. Those patients who recall collagens will be happy to know there is a new treatment for these fine lines with no need for allergy testing and much-increased longevity. 
  • Vermillion border – This subtle feature of the border of your lips diminishes as you age causing that annoying lipstick ‘bleed’ and can be easily replenished with Belotero. This treatment instantly rejuvenates your lips. A tiny injection into the philtral columns restores a much more youthful look when combined with border treatment. 
  • Lips – The softness of Belotero makes it a perfect product for the lips.
  • Marionette lines – These are lines from the corners of your mouth to your jaw. Treating these with Belotero can help to instantly provide a more energetic and pleasant expression.
  • Backs of hands & décolletage – One of the tell-tale signs of aging is dryness and crêping of skin on the backs of your hands and the décolletage. The volume replacement and rehydration of the HA gel restores youthful suppleness.

For more information about Belotero and other dermal filler products, please call (858) 225-8380 or complete the form on this page. La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic serves patients throughout the San Diego area.