Enlarged Pores Why You Get Them, What to Do

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

Enlarged pores? Nobody wants them! We found a very simple explanatory video with some basic “what to do” advice for helping minimize enlarged pores. Beyond what you can accomplish at home, some professional treatments can make major differences – especially salicylic acid peels that help dissolve the oil at a deeper level than what you can accomplish on your own. But, if you have enlarged pores, follow this doctor’s advice and see if you get results. (If you are using acne medications or take medications that make your skin particularly sensitive, your best course if to talk to a skin doctor first so you don’t over-do it.)

Two additional procedures you might want to discuss the next time you’re in the office – Isolaz and Allumera.

Isolaz is primarily an anti-acne treatment, but the basis of the treatment is clearing out the pores. Even if you don’t have acne, but DO have enlarged pores, Isolaz could be an option to ridding your clogged pores of dried oils and dead skin cells. A pore clear of debris will lose some of its stretched width once clear.

Allumera is another option. Because the light activated solution kills abnormal cells and causes a slight peel, the skin forces a type of debris-expulsion. End result? Finer textured skin with pores that appear much tighter. A great option for mild to moderate sun damage and skin that just looks worn out!

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