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If you have noticed that your lips are changing with age, growing thinner and flatter, you may be considering lip augmentation using dermal fillers to help restore the youthful allure of this central part of facial beauty. But if you’re looking for the right lip augmentation procedure, remember that shape is as important as size when it comes to getting attractive results.

When lips lose volume as part of the aging process, they also lose their well-defined shape, and lip augmentation must be performed proportionally to ensure that the youthful shape of lips is restored.

The cupid’s bow is crucial to an attractive lip shape. This is the small rounded downward turn that the upper lip takes in the middle directly below the nose. As the lips lose volume, this will flatten. Lip augmentation should restore the youthful definition of the cupid’s bow.

Also important is the proportion and relation between the upper and lower lips. The upper lip should project forward more than the lower lip, while the lower lip should be slightly thicker when viewed from the front than the upper lip. These features combine to give your lips the attractive, youthful pout.

Lips should also maintain the proper taper from the plumpness in the center to the narrow juncture.

At La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we understand the essential proportions that give youthful lips their beauty and can help you achieve them again. For a lip augmentation consultation, please contact La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic, helping patients across the San Diego area.