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It appears that most women are more interested in sizing up their competition than scoping out the object of their affection. A survey recently conducted by the online retailer Swimwear365 found that women spend more time checking out other women than they do checking out men.

The survey, which polled 2,000 women, revealed the following trends:

  • Common things women are looking at when they check out other women include what kind of shoes they are wearing, their height, whether they are thinner or have a better body, whether they have dark or unflattering hair roots, whether they have cellulite, and whether or not they have plastic surgery
  • 50% of women enjoy comparing themselves to other women in the work place, female friends, or random women they pass on the street
  • 80% of women polled do most of their sizing up of other women at the beach
  • 33% of women are more impressed by a women with a toned body than a man with a chiseled physique
  • 10% of women always want to look better than their competition
  • 50% of women compliment other women they don’t know on their appearance and their clothes, but only 14% would do the same to a man they don’t know
  • 42% of women dress to impress other women, not men

Helen Boyle, the stylist for Swimwear365 who conducted the study, said, “Women check out other women because they can relate to them and they know how hard it can be to keep a trim figure or maintain healthy hair.”

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