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One of our patients, Sue, recently came to us looking for advice on anti-aging treatments. She noted that she was simply overwhelmed by the amount of choices available these days. (We changed Sue’s name to protect patient privacy.)

We agreed; there is a huge amount of often-confusing information out there. But through a consultation with Dr. Nasrin Mani, our medical director, Sue found the treatment options that were right for her.

Some of the most recommended anti-aging treatment options we often discuss with patients include:

  • ActiveFX and DeepFX: CO2 lasers for moderate and deep skin rejuvenation
  • Sculptra®: injections that can add youthful facial volume with collagen stimulators
  • Fraxel Skin Laser: can resurface skin and improve pigmentation from sun damage
  • Thermage®: for tightening loose facial skin
  • Injectable fillers: for filling wrinkles and increasing lip volume
  • BOTOX®and DysportTM: for relaxing wrinkles and expression lines
  • Microdermabrasion peels: for reducing surface wrinkles

If you are like Sue and need someone to help you sort through your options, please contact our La Jolla, California anti-aging treatment specialists today. Our number is 800-515-7753.