Putting Fillers Where They Count

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

When you first look at someone, the eyes should be the first feature you notice. As facial contours change with age, or there are genetic factors in place, the eye area loses its draw and the attention shifts downward. Fillers reverse or correct existing volume deficiencies easily and in many cases instantly.

To bring attention back to the eye, the key focus areas for fillers include

What generally happens in aging is a loss of volume. When volume is replaced, then the other age issues are far less apparent. Folds can sometimes be entirely eliminated by restoring the volume above them – both filling and lifting.

Selecting the right filler is as important as selecting the right location for placement.

Once volume issues are taken care of, it’s much easier to tweak results with more superficial injections that minimize wrinkles and lines (Belotero comes to mind for fine wrinkles.)

Although it’s tempting to self-select fillers based on what you may have read in magazines – or based on price – in the end, the best and most lasting results are based on selecting the right area to fill and selecting the right filler for that area.

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