Under eye hollowing creates a dark shadow, making you look tired and older. No matter the reason for this loss of volume, whether from age, genetics or lifestyle, fillers are a truly simple and satisfying option.


Safety From Experience And Education

Dr. Mani’s long time experience as an ophthalmologist has given her particular expertise in improving the area around the eye with utmost safety. She routinely uses Restylanefor filling under-eye hollows to lessen dark circles and help make the eye area much younger appearing.

New Options Vs. Old Option

Prior to the availability of suitable injectable dermal fillers, the only options for replacing lost volume under the eye was through surgical fat transfer. Restylane has become an easy and much less expensive option.

The injection procedure is simple and the results are immediate. It adds the volume lost during the aging process. Restylane stabilization technology helps maintain the cosmetic effect until the gel has almost completely dissipated — often 6 months and usually longer in the eye area.

How Is Restylane Injected Under The Eye?

Dr. Mani uses very fine, flexible micro cannulas to place the filler. These micro cannulas have a smooth tip so there is virtually no pain and dramatically lower incidence of bruising – which is always a concern in thin tissue. Typically there is only one needle “stick” to create an entry for the cannula.

“Sister” Treatments

Often patients will benefit from the combined treatment of filler and relaxers such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. Discreetly placed filler and the lift effects of BOTOX® can make the eye more open and appear larger.

  • BOTOX® can lift the brow and balance unlevel brows
  • Dysport is a champion at treating crow’s feet
  • Crepey skin on the lid is tightened and smoothed with Thermage

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