Summertime and I Want to Look Pretty!

In La Jolla

By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

Summer skin and body becomes a main focus this time of year. We get tons of calls about forgotten spots and dots, rough skin, saggy faces and body parts and fat pockets that refuse to budge.

Top of the list is “how do I get smoother more even-colored skin?”

Resurfacing fractional lasers have completely transformed how we can change the texture and color tone of our skin. Blotches, roughness, fine lines and tired complexions will benefit – fairly dramatically – from laser.

One of the fastest remedies for discoloration is the Fraxel Dual – a laser that is specific to pigmentation. By quickly forcing the exfoliation of upper layer pigmentation, it’s easier to establish a program of pigment prevention with topical suppression agents like hydroquinone or natural pigment management combinations – of course combined with sun block.

For super smooth skin, a one-time treatment of TotalFX has no match – outside of full surface laser, which no one wants to endure any more. TotalFX requires some downtime, but the effects can be nothing short of majestic as it tackles pigmentation, texture issues and surface wrinkles. TotalFX is the “Queen Bee” of fractional laser resurfacing.

More mature skin that’s beginning to show actinic keratosis can benefit considerably with Allumera. Very low and manageable downtime, this treatment uses a light activated solution to destroy precancerous cells and also provides skin with a polished glow. Big side advantage? Your pores will appear much tighter!

If skin issues are primarily discoloration and your pocketbook can’t handle laser, then we customize skin lightening programs according to your skin type and tone. It takes longer, but results can be accomplished in 6 weeks and maintained. Cosmelan, another lightening system, involves a peel and is very popular here as well as in South America and Europe.

The long time standard, IPL Photofacial manages both diffuse pigmentation and minor redness. Used in a systematic year round program, IPL has significant impact on skin tone and clarity.

Getting a body bikini-ready is always a challenge, isn’t it? Hormones and dietary influence means many of us have fat bulges that simply resist all efforts. CoolSculpting – fat freezing– specifically targets stubborn bulges on the waist, tummy and flanks (think love handles and muffin top). One hour per area and in 2 to 4 months you’ll wonder why you worked so hard at the gym!

Thermage remains the fix for sagging body skin and helps smooth out crepe-paper skin as well as help blur cellulite on the thighs and derriere.

If your body looks great, but your face is headed south, the new Ultherapy Lift is unmatched for a nonsurgical lift effect. Ultrasound reaches to surgical depths to tighten and lift. Superb for the neck area and for nonchemical brow elevation, Ultherapy is THE choice for anyone wanting a lift without a scalpel or injections.

Skin care matters!! Of course maintenance is something we all must be mindful of. A comprehensive skin care program can make a huge difference in how long your treatment effects last and how well you can delay future appearance changes. Pick yours and stick with it. You’ll never be sorry you took those extra five minutes twice a day.

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