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There are many different types of scars and many different types of scar treatments, depending on the type and severity of scarring.

For sunken (hypotrophic) acne scars, Fraxel is a great treatment, as it encourages your body to fill in the scar tissue.

Hypertrophic (overgrown) scars can be removed, either through abrasion or surgical excision.

What is challenging, though, is restoring coloration to areas that have lost pigment due to scarring, especially when pigment has been lost across a large area due to a burn injury. Although some laser scar treatments show promise, a burn victim in Ontario is working on a new treatment that may eventually help people recover completely from this type of scarring.

The woman uses medical tattooing, which has long been used for areola reconstruction, to restore coloration to areas that have lost it. The process can take a long time for large areas, but can be highly effective for discolored scars due to burns, birthmarks, or surgery.

The procedure has not yet achieved widespread recognition by the medical community, but it may soon become a recognized technique for concealing many types of scars.

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