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By Nasrin Mani, M.D.

They’re calling us the Madonna Generation, women over 50 or facing their 50s who refuse to look their age. Women have always resisted aging, but now the fight is being carried on in a much more public fashion: it’s taking place in the office, not at home. During the so-called “mancession,” men lost their jobs at a much higher rate than women, leaving many workplaces with a differently balanced demographic: more women than men in the office, and many of these women are beginning to feel what older professional men have talked about for years…Namely, once you hit a certain age, do you look like you’ve lost your edge?

For women in the workplace, looking younger is not just about looking more attractive, it’s about remaining relevant in their organization, showing coworkers, supervisors and supervisees, that they still have the verve to get the job done. Worse, women in the workplace can’t take advantage of time-gobbling traditional surgical skin tightening procedures, such as facelifts. Who can afford to take two weeks or more off from work?

But no worries: noninvasive skin tightening procedures can restore a youthful vigor to your appearance without surgery or surgical downtime. We offer two very powerful skin tightening treatments: Thermage and Fraxel. Both work well to tighten skin, and neither of them requires any time off for recovery. They require several treatments, but this helps the transition to appear more natural.

To learn how skin tightening treatments can help you look younger in the workplace, please contact La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic in San Diego to schedule a consultation.

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