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If you are considering joining in on the trend of whimsical color combinations for makeup this summer, why not start by creating a smooth, even facial canvas on which to paint? Skin laser treatments can go a long way toward evening out your skin, both in color and in texture, to create the perfect, even surface on which to paint.

If your skin has an uneven texture, perhaps due to acne scars or maybe even a few fine wrinkles, skin laser treatments can dramatically smooth it. Fraxel can be used to smooth acne scars so you will have a more beautiful complexion. Skin laser tightening is ideal for getting rid of those annoying wrinkles that creams don’t seem to take care of.

And if you have skin discolorations like freckles or sun spots, Fraxel Dual skin laser treatments can dramatically lighten them to create an even complexion.

If you’re used to using a thick layer of foundation to overcome texture and skin irregularities, now’s the time to ditch them. A thick foundation might be okay for winter, but for the summer you want the freshest, lightest look possible. Laser skin treatments can make that possible by giving you smoother, more even skin without foundation.

To learn more about how laser skin treatments can help you, please contact La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic in San Diego today for a consultation.