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Your skin is front and center and when it’s not looking good, you don’t feel so good.

Celebs tend to have such gorgeous skin all the time – even without the airbrushing. So what gives? How do THEY look so fresh and vibrant?

We have two words for you:


Collagen Stimulation

  •  Exfoliation can be mild as in a cotton washcloth – or rejuvenating as in laser or chemical peels or even old trusty Retin-A. However it is you get old skin cells off, the process will spur new ones and the new ones look pretty good since they are hydrated and less pigmented.
  • Collagen stimulation flat out makes you look younger by firming and plumping and smoothing the skin. You can get collagen stimulation from injectables like Sculptra and Artefill or from lasers like Fraxel or the CO2 FX lasers. New collagen is ALWAYS prettier than the old stuff.

So remember those 2 words when you want to turn your skin around. There’s plenty of help to make it happen faster than you’d think!

P.S. A litttle word to the wise. Ethnic skin has to be treated the right way or you can create enough brown pigmentaton to make you look like toast. Come see us to make sure your use the right processes for YOUR skin.