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A patient came to us with dark, unwanted hair on his back. He wanted it gone, and fast. But he also didn’t want to deal with the kind of pain that he had experienced in the past from waxing.

Our experienced laser hair removal team knew right away that he would be a great candidate for LightSheerTM laser hair removal, which permanently reduces the amount unwanted hair growth via a fast laser system with built-in cooling. The high-tech process treats many hair follicles simultaneously with less discomfort.

The procedure is performed with a laser that pulses quickly and heats the hair follicle to hinder its ability to re-grow. Before, during and after the laser pulse, the upper layers of skin are cooled to aid in comfort.

Patients typically rate the discomfort factor, much like the snap of a rubber band against your skin, at about a 3 or 4 on a 10-point scale (with 10 being quite painful).

If you are embarrassed about unwanted hair growth, please take a moment to contact us at 800-515-7753 to discuss your options. LightSheer at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic may be just the low-pain, quick-success skincare solution you have been waiting for. We are located in the San Diego, California area and treat both men and women.