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Lines and Wrinkles are No Match for Lasers

We’re inching right up on the holiday season, which means most of us have a lot on our plate. We’ve got to make sure everyone special to us gets the perfect gift. We’ve got to sort through the holiday party invitations and decide how to find time to both celebrate and to replenish with the […]

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How Lasers Work to Reduce Acne Scarring

Through the years, the broad conversation about laser treatments has focused on the ways in which lasers can rejuvenate aging skin. Next to this, people also know that laser treatments can be sought to remove unwanted hair. As a leading laser clinic in San Diego, our facility is equipped with devices that achieve these goals […]

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Which Laser Treatment is Best for Me?

The signs of aging don’t occur overnight. This is fortunate because it allows the average person ample time to address concerns without having to undergo surgical procedures. In recent years, the most significant advances in aesthetic medicine have been technological in nature. While we used to have basic and relatively aggressive CO2 laser skin resurfacing […]

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Why Some are Trading Laser Treatments for Super-Facials This Summer

It is no secret that fall and winter are the best times of year to undergo laser treatments on highly visible areas like the face. The effects of laser treatments include fragmented or full obliteration of the uppermost layer of skin cells. In removing these cells, we create the potential for increased collagen and tissue […]

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The Connection Between Anxiety and Hair Loss

It doesn’t take much searching to discover how prevalent anxiety is these days. We worry about losing a job, a partner, or a home. We worry about our health and various physical symptoms we encounter. In some cases, people with anxiety become somewhat of a self-fulfilling concept. What they worry about, they manifest. We see […]

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Start Now for a Year of Continual Beauty

La Jolla and the general area of San Diego is filled with beauty. Wherever we go, we are treated to ocean breezes, golden sunsets, and blue skies. We can’t forget all the gorgeous people who have chosen to call our area home. When we observe beauty all around us, it only makes sense that we […]

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What Facial Fat Injections Are and What They Can Do for You

Most of us who have celebrated our 40th birthday or beyond know that the signs of aging are inevitable. Many of the most common concerns expressed by adults come down to one thing: fat. Yes, many of us do complain that we have too much fat in certain parts of the body. In this instance, we […]

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